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Mens Shaving

When it comes to male grooming, nothing divides people more than the subject of facial hair.


Everyone has an opinion on whether men look better clean shaven, sporting a bit of stubble or with a beard that could rival Father Christmas.


Choosing which you prefer is not always down to style, as many men find the process of shaving uncomfortable and unpleasant.


The combination of razors and chemical laden products can cause the skin to become sore and sensitive.


Many men have therefore decided to steer away from shaving and let nature take its course instead.


However, if you have decided to brave the shave then there are ways to protect your skin including using natural shaving products that are far gentler.


A guide to men’s shaving: how to shave

Shaving is supposed to be a mundane, everyday task that is simple and straight-forward, and yet many men are never shown how to do it properly.


Learning the correct techniques can help you to avoid many of the problems that come with it, and make your facial hair choices and management much easier.


First hydrate your skin

The first step, which is easy to overlook, is to hydrate the skin, which is why doing it as soon as you get out of the shower is a good time.


This softens the hair, ensuring that the razor will glide more easily across the surface of the skin.


Using a face wash will remove debris from the skin to make it as comfortable as possible.


You can then use a natural shaving cream like the Dr Organic Ginseng Shaving Cream all over the area as this will improve the razor glide and provide a cooling effect.


Choose your razor

Your choice of razor is always important, as you need something that will provide a close and easy shave. The Naked Necessities Brown Wood Razor has a specially designed handle to give you superior control, whilst the head contains a comb which directs the hairs that pass through it to avoid clogging.

When you shave, make sure you use light, gentle strokes along the contours of your face, and rinse your blades frequently.


Try to avoid shaving over the same spot as this can irritate and do not be afraid to go both with and against the direction of hair growth to make sure you get every hair.


Once you have finished, wash your face and pat it dry instead of rubbing it.


Moisturise after shaving

You will then need to hydrate the skin again with a gentle moisturiser to replace anything you have stripped away from the skin and soothe any areas of sensitivity.


What men’s shaving products should I use?

There has been a massive rise in natural and vegan shaving products, meaning there is now something for every part of your shaving routine.


The Ethique Tip Toe Shampoo & Shaving Bar creates a rich lather scented with lime and mint oils that can be used in place of a shaving foam, whilst the Weleda After Shave Balm is gentle and soothing, preventing inflammation in delicate and sensitive skin.



The best beard products

If you still prefer the idea of facial hair, you can still give your beard a natural treat.


The Mancave Blackspice Beard Control gives your beard a smooth finish, allowing you to style it the way you want and encouraging healthy growth for patchy areas.


The Dr Organic Ginseng Shave & Beard Oil uses ginseng root extract, jojoba, grapeseed and cedarwood to soften, condition and soothe even the unruliest of beards.


It is important to remember that your beard still needs time and proper grooming, so take a look at ‘Growing a beard – everything you need to know’ to find out how you should care for your facial hair.


With the help of these amazing natural shaving products, your choice of facial hair is made much easier.


Now you simply need to choose what suits you best instead of worrying about sensitive skin.

These products care for your hair, your skin and your planet, so can shave something else off your conscience.  

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