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Looking for the perfect gifts online can be incredibly time consuming and, at times, a little overwhelming!

Not only are there a million websites to choose from, but then there is the question of who you are buying for.

Holland & Barrett aims to make this process a whole lot easier by offering an array of gifts and gift sets.

Whether you are looking for makeup gifts, skincare gifts, beauty gifts, or presents for new mums, we have got you covered.

How can I find the best gift sets? 

Many of the products in this section come in the form of a gift set.

Gift sets are a thoughtful way to tell someone you care, as they have more than one gift wrapped in attractive packaging.

The multiple presents inside offer variety – a reminder of the little kid in all of us who couldn’t wait for their Christmas stocking because it contained lots of little goodies.

As we are especially good at natural gifts and organic gifts, you can expect to find aromatherapy gifts on offer, along with other types of stress-busting, sleep-inducing and relax gifts.

Miaroma, a company which is known for its enormous variety of essential oils, does a gorgeous Sleep Set, which contains lavender oil and mist as well as a sleep mask.

But there is lots more on offer…

Makeup gift sets and beauty gift sets

In terms of gift sets for women, it is hard to find anything more desirable than makeup gifts and beauty sets.

We specialise in natural and ethical makeup brands, such as Burt’s Bees, Beautiful Me, Lily Lolo and PHB Ethical Beauty.

Some gift sets are seasonal or limited edition, so if you cannot find a gift set by one of our fabulous makeup brands below, why not make your own gift set by selecting individual products you know they will love?

Other gift sets for her include beauty gifts. Perennial beauty favourites that rarely disappoint include body butters, face creams, body oils, hair care and CBD products.

For the ultimate in fun beauty, why not try Beauty Kitchen’s Invent Your Own Beauty Products Kit, which contains recipes, ingredients, packaging and inspiration so you can create your own Raw Inventions.

Skincare gift sets

You can always expect to find skincare gifts. Whether you are looking for a gift for a man or woman, who doesn’t love a bit of self-care?

It can be hard to treat yourself to a new face cream – especially if you have already got one on the go – so it makes receiving a new luxury product as a gift all the more special.

The beauty world moves so fast it can be tricky to keep up with all the latest advances in skincare, with new words like collagen, micellar, peptides, or argan popping up all the time!

So it can be a real treat to be given a product containing one of these new ingredients to feel like you are in the know and ahead of the curve.

True Skincare’s gift sets, such as the Illuminate Collection, contain certified organic skincare to help hydrate and illuminate.

Top baby shower gifts

New babies are usually a joy, but shopping for them before they are born can sometime be a challenge!

Eliminate the stress by checking this page for baby shower gift sets.

Another place to look is our Natural Mother & Baby Care Products page, where you could put together a gift of baby skincare products that means the parents-to-be can tick off a practical item from their lists, while feeling cared for by the thoughtful present.

The best mum to be gifts

When a mum has just given birth, self-care is often the last thing on their mind as they learn about caring for the new little human in their life.

That is why new mum gifts will always be gratefully received.

Good for pregnancy and after the birth, Natural Birthing Co Mama's Moments Maternity Kit  is an ethical gift that will used for months.

It contains oils and balms developed by midwives to soothe, energise and calm different areas of the body that are especially affected by pregnancy, labour and birth.

Ideas for gifts for new moms can also be found in the Natural Mother & Baby Care Products page.

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