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    Each year seems to be flying by faster and faster. It may feel like only five minutes since the Christmas lights were put away, but it’s already time to dig out those baskets for Easter.

    Of course, most people tend to give some form of chocolate at Easter, but it can get a bit predictable. This year, why not consider giving your chocolate gifts a little twist?


    Traditionally, milk is one of the primary ingredients of any good chocolate, and so it is not suitable for vegans or anyone who has dietary issues with dairy.


    However, the other main ingredient is the pod of the cocoa tree, so it is possible for it to be adapted into a vegan-friendly recipe.


    When looking for a type of vegan chocolate, pay close attention to the chocolate content within it.


    The higher the percentage of cocoa (usually above 50%), the fewer other ingredients will be needed. This means there is no need to include milk, additives or other animal products within it.


    Dark chocolate can be very bitter, so if this is not your preference, you can now find suitable “milk chocolate” alternatives. These are made using non-dairy milk substitutes such as almond or rice milk.

    Given that most Easter treats are based around chocolate, they can be a no-go area for vegans, or anyone who avoids dairy products, but why should they miss out on the fun?


    There are now some gorgeous vegan chocolate alternatives on the market which means Easter can be enjoyable for everyone. The Mummy Meagz Vegan Orange Choccie Easter Egg is perfect for the vegan big or little people in your life. It uses smooth, plant-based chocolate combined with the ultimate flavour combination that all chocolate lovers crave.


    If you are looking for the perfect dairy free Easter egg for children, the Montezumas Vegan Easter Plucky Chick is great fun. Filled with vegan chocolate buttons, this fabulous little chick is sure to raise a smile.


    It is not only organic and vegan, it also comes in packaging that is 100% recyclable, compostable or biodegradable, so you can give a lovely chocolate egg with peace of mind that it is ethical as well as tasty.


    You can order Easter eggs online, which means no matter how far away your loved one might be, you can still send them something special this Easter!

    Vegan chocolate comes in many shapes and forms, including cookies, ice cream and chocolate chips, so there is something to satisfy just about any true chocoholic.


    We all love dipping into a bag of little chocolate eggs, and the Doisy & Dame Vegan Dark Chocolate Good Eggs are vegan certified and contain 70% dark chocolate.


    The NOMO Vegan Hazelnot Chocolate Bar is a lovely little extra for all the chocolate lovers in your life. This gorgeous little bar is not only dairy-free, gluten-free and egg-free it is also nut-free, so it is suitable for just about everyone.


    Once upon a time, vegan and dairy-free chocolate was a thing to be avoided. It might have virtuous, but it rarely provided a tasty alternative to the real thing.


    Now, there is a huge range of vegan chocolate that tastes great and can be enjoyed at any time of the year, but especially at Easter!


    There are plenty of other benefits to vegan chocolate, including the fact that they are often also organic and fair-trade.


    That means you can order vegan Easter eggs online and really feel like a good egg!

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