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Our gut health is key to our overall health. That is why we have formulated a range of brand-new gut supplements to make sure that your gut gets fed with everything it needs to ensure it is ticking over nicely.

What is gut health?

The gut is complex and its health is important to our overall health.

This includes the gut microbiome which refers to the microorganisms which live inside our intestines.

A typical person will have between 300 and 500 different species of bacteria living within their digestive tract.

We tend to think of bacteria as being harmful to our health however, many of these bacteria are beneficial and essential for the healthy functioning of our bodies. These are known as friendly bacteria or good bacteria.

Inside the gut microbiome, bacteria breaks down food and turns nutrients into fuel which our bodies can use. The good bacteria also ensures that the unhealthy bacteria don’t have enough space to grow and multiply.

How do I know if I have a healthy gut?

There are a number of signs to show that you might have an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in your gut.

These include having an upset stomach, feeling constantly fatigued and becoming intolerant to certain foods.

How can maintain normal gut health?

There are a number of things you can do to maintain your gut health as well as your overall health and wellbeing.

Start by ensuring that you are getting a good night’s sleep and that you are sticking to a regular sleeping pattern.

Stress levels can also affect your gut so try to lower these by taking a long walk, or doing yoga or meditation.

You should also look at your diet. Reducing the amount of high sugar, high fat and processed food you eat and replacing them with plant-based foods and lean protein can improve your gut health.

You should also cut out any foods that you are intolerant to and ensure that you eat your food slowly, chewing thoroughly. This can help your gut to fully digest your food and absorb all of the nutrients from it.

An easy way to support your gut health is to take a daily gut supplement. Most gut health supplements can be taken once or twice a day alongside a healthy balanced diet, fitting easily into your daily routine.

What are the different types of Gut Powered supplements available?

There is a range of different Gut Powered supplements, each one specially formulated to suit your needs.

All of these gut health capsules contain 10+ billion live friendly bacteria to support your gut health plus added vitamins, minerals and natural extracts.

Gut Powered Immune Support

Holland & Barrett Gut Powered Immune Support helps to support the normal functioning of the immune system.

These immune supplements contains vitamin C, vitamin D which are both essential for the immune system as well as elderberry extract which is packed full of antioxidants.

Gut Powered Night

Gut Powered Night is a supplement which helps to promote relaxation  support your natural energy levels throughout the day.

These energy supplements contain vitamin B6 and vitamin D which support energy yielding metabolism as well as magnesium which can helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Perfect if you often feel low on energy.

Gut Powered Focus

These focus supplements contain iron for your cognitive function as well as resveratrol and cocoa extract to help you stay focussed throughout the day.

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