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    When it comes to bathing and washing products, we are often subject to a lot of different ingredients.

    These can be responsible for sensitivities, allergies and damage to the planet and for a long time there have been very few alternatives to this.

    However, times are changing, and an increasing number of brands are moving towards a more natural, organic and sustainable approach.

    One such change is in the world of shampoo, where shampoo bars are growing in popularity at a massive rate.

    For many years, consumers avoided them as their cleaning abilities were limited and they lacked the luxurious lather that we all enjoy.

    But that has all changed and now shampoo bars have been developed to offer a satisfying cleaning experience using more natural, naturally derived and organic ingredients. What’s not to love?

    How to use shampoo bars

    Shampoo bars are quite simple to use and thinking of them in the same way as a bar of soap will help.

    Holding them under running water and lathering them between your hands gives you something that you can then apply to your hair.

    Once the bar is moist, you can also rub it straight onto the hair, but this will depend on the instructions of the individual product.

    Once the product is on the hair, you can work it through the strands in the normal way before rinsing it out. You will find that since they do not foam in quite the same way at bottled shampoo, you will need less water to wash it away.

    Storing your shampoo bar

    The important thing to remember is to store your organic shampoo bar properly.

    Just like soap, it will gradually wash away if left in the bottom of your shower, so keeping it in a dish, rack or tin will help to keep it lasting as long as possible without waste.

    Shampoo bars are not a new invention, but they have come on in leaps and bounds over recent years as the need for ethical, organic and vegan products has grown.

    They are now a product that means you are giving your hair an upgrade in every sense instead of a compromise.


    If you make the switch to a shampoo bar, the most obvious difference that you will notice is the texture.


    Instead of pouring a creamy substance out of a plastic bottle, you will hold a form of solid shampoo, which looks a lot like a bar of soap.


    It is still a shampoo product, but an organic shampoo bar will make use of ingredients such as plant oils, botanicals and essential oils.


    And as shampoo bars are packed with these lovely natural ingredients, and less fillers, they tend to last far longer than an equivalent bottle.

    One of the big differences between bottled shampoo and shampoo bars are their green credentials.


    Not only do shampoo bars reduce the number of synthetic ingredients being created and flushed into the water system, they are also packaged in a much more environmentally friendly way.


    Some can be bought loose, some are wrapped in paper or card and some come in a reusable tin.


    This makes shampoo bars a fantastic way to reduce the enormous number of plastic bottles that are making their way to landfill every year.


    Their small size also means that many more can be packed into any transportation load, therefore ensuring a much smaller carbon footprint.

    Shampoo bars are beautifully versatile, and there is one available for every type of hair.


    The Earth Kind Bergamot & Sage Shampoo Bar is the perfect shampoo bar for dry hair thanks to its rich, highly moisturising oils.


    If you are looking for a shampoo bar for oily hair, then look no further than the Ethique St Clements Shampoo Bar which is pH balanced and uses lime and orange oils to balance oil production and leave you with fresh, beautiful hair.


    When your hair is clean, you can also use a conditioner bar in the same way, to give your hair some extra care and attention and to help detangle it.

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