Holland & Barrett Valerian 337mg 60 Capsules

By Holland & Barrett
Holland & Barrett Valerian 337mg 60 Capsules

Holland & Barrett Valerian 337mg 60 Capsules

By Holland & Barrett

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  • Relieves the symptoms of mild anxiety
  • To aid sleep
  • Traditional Herbal Medicine

Holland & Barrett Valerian 337mg Capsules are a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the temporary relief of symptoms of mild anxiety and to help aid sleep. Each capsule contains 337mg of extract (as dry extract) from Valerian root. Based on traditional use only.

Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18.

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Full ingredients

Active Ingredients: Each capsule contains 337mg of extract (as dry extract) from Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis L) (equivalent to 1683mg-2020mg of Valerian root). Extraction solvent: Ethanol 70% v/v.

This product also contains the following inactive (excipient) ingredients: Magnesium stearate.

Excipients in the extract: Maltodextrin, Silica colloidal anhydrous.

Capsule shell: Hypromellose.

Always read the label before use

Nutritional Information

Per Capsule
Valerian Root Extract 337mg

Additional Info

Product Leaflets


For oral use only.

For adults and elderly:

Mild anxiety - Take 1 capsule 3 times daily.

To aid sleep - Take 1 capsule 30 minutes to 1 hour before bedtime with an earlier dose during the evening if necessary.

The maximum dose is 4 capsules per day

Swallow the whole capsule with water.

Advisory information:

Do not exceed the stated dose.

Do not take this product if you are:

- Under 18 years of age

- Pregnant or breastfeeding

- Allergic to Valerian or any of the ingredients in this product

- Already taking a medicine for sleep or anxiety

The effects of this product may be increased by alcohol. Excessive use of alcohol should therefore be avoided. If you feel sleepy, do not drive or operate machines. Please read the enclosed leaflet carefully before using this product.

Duration of use: If symptoms worsen or do not improve after 4 weeks, a Doctor or a qualified Healthcare Practitioner should be consulted.

Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18.

Remember to:

We go to great efforts to ensure that the information on this page is accurate at the time that the page was last edited. As we are constantly reviewing and developing our products to meet our consumer needs, consumers, particularly those that suffer from allergies and intolerances, should always check product labelling, warnings, and directions provided with the product that is delivered, prior to use or consumption.


What is valerian?

Native to Asia and Europe, valerian is a plant now grown all over the world both for ornamental purposes and as a herbal alternative to medications for insomnia and anxiety.

Traditionally used for a variety of purposes for thousands of years, valerian root extract contains a variety of compounds that give this plant its gentle sedative effect.

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How can valerian help with stress and anxiety?

Many people choose valerian capsules for anxiety because they have a milder effects than prescription medications.

Valerian’s effectiveness is due in large part to the presence of valerenic acid.

This compound appears to inhibit the breakdown of something called gamma-aminobutyric acid, aka GABA. Why is this important? Because GABA levels are observed to be lower in people who feel stressed or anxious.

As a matter of fact, protecting this neurotransmitter is exactly what medically prescribed anxiety treatments like Xanax and Valium do.

Additionally, valerian remedies contain the antioxidants hesperidin and linarin, both thought to have sedative qualities.

And, as if that weren’t enough, compounds in valerian are thought to inhibit activity in the brain’s amygdala, the section of your grey matter that is seen to produce the strongest reactions to stress.

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Should I choose valerian root capsules for sleep problems?

Taking valerian capsules for sleep can be a good choice if you are struggling to drop off at night. Why? Because the very compounds that ease feelings of anxiety may also produce a mildly sedative effect.

According to research, taking valerian root extract tablets does not just help many people to fall asleep more easily but may improve the length of time you spend asleep and the quality of sleep you experience too.

One key study found that participants taking valerian hit the restorative ‘deep sleep’ state up to 36% faster than those taking a placebo.

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I do not like how sleeping tablets make me feel, is valerian any better?

Unlike most prescription sleep aids, the best valerian root capsules will not usually create that same feeling of grogginess the morning after you take them.

Indeed, most people wake from valerian sleep feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

Additionally, while chemical sleeping pills are notoriously addictive, valerian is not thought to be habit forming and can be taken safely with minimal risk of dependency.

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Can valerian cause any side effects?

Taking valerian capsules, Holland and Barrett or any brand, is considered to be safe for most people.

Side effects are minimal and most commonly reported are headaches, dizziness and abdominal issues, which should subside as soon as valerian is discontinued.

Allergic reactions to valerian remedies are rare but can occur. In case of allergic symptoms contact your doctor.

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Is valerian suitable for children and pregnant women?

Valerian is suitable for most people. However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is advisable to steer clear.

Holland and Barrett valerian capsules are not suitable for anybody under the age of 18.

Those with liver disease or any other serious illness should not take valerian without first consulting a GP or specialist.

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