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    Supplement your protein intake with a high-protein drink

    Sometimes getting enough protein through diet alone can be tricky. Enter protein drinks!

    Whether you are looking for a post-workout protein boost or a healthy way to improve your energy for the day, a protein drink is a perfect solution.

    Mixing your protein shakes can be time-consuming. These ready-to-go protein drinks will take the hassle out of meeting your daily protein requirements. Throw a bottle in your bag to drink during the day or crack open a bottle in the gym to aid muscle gain and recovery.

    From ready-to-drink protein shakes to flavoured water and juice drinks, you’ll find your favourite at Holland and Barrett.

    Are protein shakes good for you?

    Protein drinks are a really convenient way of boosting your protein intake. In addition, they can help build muscle after exercise, prevent muscle damage and promote muscle recovery after activity as well as helping with weight loss. 

    In fact, as protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrates, a protein drink can help you feel fuller for longer and stop feeling peckish.

    If you are generally more active, you may need more protein than those that are less active. Drinking a protein-rich shake after working out will provide your muscles with the building blocks they need to recover and rebuild. 

    For vegans, vegetarians and those with restricted diets, you may find you are lacking protein as you won’t be consuming these products. Adding a protein drink to your daily routine is an easy way to get your protein intake, and we have plenty of vegan options to fit your diet.

    You can learn more about getting enough protein in your diet here

    The best protein drinks at Holland and Barrett

    From delicious chocolate protein drinks to strawberry and vanilla, we have something for everyone.

    If you want to satisfy your chocolate craving without reaching for a sugary chocolate bar, the Grenade Carb Killa Fudge Brownie Shake will do the trick. An easy and convenient way to add protein to your diet without unwanted calories or carbs, this high-protein shake is deliciously creamy and great to drink between meals.

    In a rush and looking for something to drink on the go? The Huel 100% Nutritionally Complete Meal is a perfect choice. Simply choose from Vanilla, Berry or Banana and pop it in your bag to replenish your daily protein levels. Even better, it's also suitable for vegans. So, grab the Huel vegan protein drink and add it to your daily routine today. 

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