Author: Sohere Roked, Hormone and Integrative Medical Doctor

Sohere Roked

About Sohere

Dr Sohere Roked is a Hormone and Integrative Medical Doctor, she specialises in combining bioidentical and body identical hormones and functional medicine to enhance hormone optimisation.

Dr Roked believes that hormonal balance is the foundation of health and wellbeing. A general practitioner and formerly a psychiatrist, Dr Roked constantly saw patients with symptoms that conventional medicine wasn’t able to treat and this inspired her to focus on integrative medicine and bio-identical hormone therapy.

She has treated thousands of clients and is recognised as one of the few GPs in the UK to cover both conventional and holistic medicine. 

Areas of expertise

  • Conventional and holistic medicine
  • Bio Identical & Body Identical Hormone Therapy
  • Genomic Testing
  • Telomere Testing
  • Thyroid Health