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arts and crafts for adults

Art and crafts for adults stuck indoors

Remember being a little kid and drawing, painting and creating to your heart’s content? Whether you were top of the class or a casual stick-man drawer, that creative spark is still in there. And what better time to unleash it than when you’re stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic? Art and crafts for adults could be just the ticket.

Not only does it give you something to do, it can also keep your brain active, boost your self-esteem and relieve stress. So, what are you waiting for? Here’s some boredom-crushing art and crafts for adults stuck indoors.

Feed the birds

Got an empty plastic bottle, two wooden spoons and a bit of wire? Congratulations, you have all you need to make a bird feeder. Here’s how:

  1. Using a marker pen, draw a small circle (big enough for your spoon handle to fit snuggle) on one side of your bottle about 10 cm from the bottom and cut it out.
  2. Mark up and cut out a slightly bigger circle on the opposite side so you can slot the spoon handle in later and have the spoon head resting nicely in that hole..
  3. Repeat this process 5 cm down from the holes you just cut out, just on the opposite side of the bottle so your spoons will be at a 90 degree angle to one another. Imagine one spoon is facing north and the other west.
  4. Fill up the bottle with bird seed – it should spill out slightly onto the spoon heads so the birds can get to it.
  5. Pop some wire or string around the bottle top and secure in a suitable place outside

Go cross-stitch crazy

Cross stitching isn’t just for all you nans out there – anybody can enjoy this relaxing hobby. Whether you want a pretty bird pattern to hang up on your wall, a quirky passive aggressive phrase to hang up in your hallway or a full-blown cross-stitch masterpiece, you can find tons of cross-stitch kits online.

Make mini piñatas for an at-home fiesta

You can’t go out to party so bring the party to you with super-cute mini piñatas. All you need is some toilet roll tubes, 3 colours of tissue paper (any sort of paper will do the trick, really), ribbon, tape, glue, scissors and some tasty treats to fill them with! Here’s how they all come together:

  1. Cut out a 5 cm x 5 cm square of tissue paper for each piñata and cut out a small ‘x’ in the center of each.
  2. Tape the four corners of the tissue paper around the top of the toilet roll tube – don’t pull it too tight or the ‘x’ may rip
  3. Stick a piece of ribbon on top od the ‘x’ - when pulled, this will release the sweets
  4. Stack up your tissue paper and cut it into long strips about 5 cm wide – making a frayed-fringe by cutting 2 cm slits down one of the length edges
  5. Wrap the strips of paper around the toilet roll tubes in alternating colours as you go up in whatever pattern you please.
  6. Add one last strip of ribbon to the inside of the uncovered ‘top’ like a basket handle so you can hang it up on string and you’re done! Let the self-isolation fiesta begin!

Make your dog’s day

Fido getting a little stir-crazy? Keep him occupied with an up-cycled dog tug toy! Simply dig through your wardrobe or cupboard for an old shirt. Cut it up into 3 equal strips – make it as long as you like. Tie a knot at one end then braid them together and tah-dah! A toy perfect for tug-of-war.

Bring on the bath bombs

Who doesn’t love a good bath? Adding a bath bomb to your soak can make it even more indulgent. With non-essential shops being closed, it may be a struggle to get a decent bath bomb, so why not try and make your own? Here’s how:

  1. Combine 250g baking soda, 125g of Epsom salt and 120ml of citric acid in a stand mixer.
  2. Add 1 tsp of water, 1 tsp of your favourite essential oil and 2 tsp of melted coconut oil.
  3. Stir in food colouring if you wish.
  4. Scoop the mixture into a mold and press until firm.
  5. Let them sit and harden for at least 12 hours - 24 hours if you can wait that long!

Or keep it simple

Sometimes a plain piece of paper and a pencil or some paint can be enough to keep us occupied. There are so many drawing and painting tutorials online you can follow. Or go and sit in your garden / your window to see if anything sparks your imagination enough to get creating!

Hopefully these ideas for art and crafts for adults will make your self-isolation that bit less boring and a lot more creative.

Last updated: 29 April 2020