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Two children playing an educations game on a tablet device

Five of the best educational games for kids

Whether you’ve got young children who aren’t yet ready to go to school or you’re currently stuck at home with your kids self-isolating , it’s important to keep them sufficiently stimulated. That’s where educational games can come in handy.

Here, we’ll explore five fun and fascinating educational games for kids.

Why should you play educational games with your kids?

If you’ve got a little one at home that’s in need of distraction, it can often be tempting to stick them in front of the TV or a tablet. If you’d rather get their brains working in a more engaging and productive way though, an educational game may be ideal.

While playing games – especially video games – might not seem very beneficial on the surface, there are many studies which show how educational games can1:
  • Teach kids collaborative and social skills.
  • Get them used to the idea of rules and playing fair.
  • Increase overall engagement, particularly if you’re trying to teach them a valuable skill for the future.
  • Improve their logic and strategy skills.

What different types of educational kids’ games are there?

If you’re a newbie to children’s games that are not only fun, but educational, you might want to know a bit more about what sorts of games are out there. There are multiple options to choose from, including:

Educational board games

Board games aren’t just for adults! In fact, there are numerous ones specifically for kids as well as options which can be easily adapted to help teach little ones valuable skills like spelling and counting.

Online games

If you’re keen to get your kids using tech in a more productive way, an educational video game is a good call. They’re usually very fun and engaging, plus they’ll hone your child’s knowledge of specific subjects and their ability to perform certain tasks

Five of the best educational games for kids

Wondering which educational games to invest in? Here’s a handful of fantastic options:

  1. Bananagrams

This fast-paced board game is actually for ages 7+. However, it can be easily adapted for smaller children. Coming in a banana-shaped pouch, you’ll find dozens of tiles with letters on them which you can use to help kids create words, sentences or spell their own names.

  1. Animal Jam

Animal-lovers in your family will love this app. Designed in collaboration with the National Geographic Society, it’s a virtual world where you can play games, go on adventures and have parties – all of which have been created to teach children facts about the natural world.

  1. Spot It!

Another physical game that’s great for educating kids is Spot It! Made up of cards with words and pictures on them, the Basic English edition is perfect for training kids to read, pronounce words and match up images.

  1. Prodigy

This worldwide educational platform combines learning maths with fantasy games. Able to be adjusted to your child’s age and school curriculum, Prodigy sees players create their own wizard and compete in mathematical duels.

  1. Busy Things

If you’re after a multi-purpose game that can help support your child’s understanding of numerous subjects and skills, Busy Things is perfect. It’s an online learning platform packed with over 100 different educational games targeted at kids aged 3 to 11.

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Last updated: 02 November 2020