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Why yoga can help your gut health

05 Feb 2023

If you need another reason to get active, then the positive benefits it has on your digestive system might just do it. In recent studies, researchers found that doing exercise for just six weeks had a positive impact on the bacteria in your gut – commonly known as the gut microbiome.1,2

These bacteria can be good and bad. The good ones can help to control our immune system and central nervous system, aid with the break down food for energy and many other bodily processes. However, if the balance isn’t right and your body has an imbalance of bacteria, you could experience digestive issues, lethargy, low mood, poor immunity and other concerns.

Gut microbiomes can change the way we store fat, balance our blood glucose levels and respond to hunger. In turn, producing the right amount of good ones in your gut could aid with normal weight management.3

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What exercise is best for helping improve your gut?

Although most exercise is good for promoting a healthy body, certain postures (asanas) in yoga are believed to help improve digestion and the gastrointestinal system due to the constant twisting and movement of the body wringing out the digestive tract.4 Some of the best postures include5:
  • cat-cow pose – this compresses and lengthens your intestines, helping to get more fresh blood and oxygen to the cells that are responsible for a good gut function
  • revolved triangle pose – this compresses and releases the colon, helping the body to stimulate the movement of toxins
  • downward-facing dog – this one gives your intestines and digestive tract more energy and oxygen
  • half gas release pose – this posture can stimulate the nerve to help remove waste from the body
  • triangle pose – this posture should stimulate the abdominal organs and help digestion
  • corpse pose – similar to half gas release pose, this helps the body remove waste, but by stimulating the colon

Give it a go today and see what you think.

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