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How to stay healthy when self-isolating and staying at home

04 Dec 2022


If you're concerned about how to keep your diet as healthy as it can be, use our guide to stay healthy while staying at home.

Your diet and how many vitamins and minerals you consume on a daily basis has a big impact on how healthy you are. It affects your immune system, mental health, nervous system, and so much more. And you eat every day!

Being conscious of your choices at mealtimes can do wonders for your overall health – but what happens when you can’t get all the foods you need?

Check your cupboards for hidden gems!

A good place to start the search for nutrition is in your very own kitchen cupboards. Most people have a selection of canned goods like beans, lentils, chickpeas, soup and chopped tomatoes tucked at the back gathering dust. Pair those with other pantry-staples like flour, instant noodles, potatoes and nuts, and you have the ingredients to make lots of delicious dishes. Check out our favourite easy pantry meals here.

Make your food shop last that little bit longer

If you’re used to popping into the shop whenever you need something, new guidance may cause you to change your shopping habits.

When you are limiting your contact with others, it makes sense to pick up long life products like pasta, rice, bread (freeze it!), noodles, tinned vegetables and freezer food. Only take what you need – you can make a surprising amount of meals from a single pack of pasta, rice or potatoes! Make sure to try and pick up a variety of fresh fruit and veg, or tinned varieties if you don’t think you will be back for a while. If you can’t leave the house at all, ordering food online is an option. From supermarkets to local farm shops, you should be able to find some nutritious food to keep you going. From rice, pasta, pulses and grains to vegan food and plant milks, there’s plenty of healthy food with long shelf lives to go around.

If you still feel your diet could be healthier… try a supplement

Whether you feel your diet is lacking because shopping has been made harder or you find yourself reaching for foods that aren't part of your normal diet like chocolates, supplements could help you stay healthy while in lockdown.

There will never be a perfect substitute for fruit and veg, but if they’re not available in the variety you need and want, vitamin and mineral supplements could support you. Here’s a run down of the most important and what they help your body do:

Vitamin C

Ah vitamin C, where would we be without you? It helps you stay lively and helps your immune system fight away infections. This powerful antioxidant supports the following bodily functions:

  • Normal energy yielding metabolism – contributing to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue

  • Healthy psychological function

  • Normal function of the immune system – very important when self-isolating and social distancing

  • Healthy formation of collagen
You usually get vitamin C through a diet including fresh fruit and veggies, but supplements are also available. Choose a multivitamin with vitamin C or browse our vitamin C products to find a supplement that suits you.

Vitamin D

The ‘sunshine’ vitamin is a little harder to come by naturally when you’ve been told to stay indoors. It’s tricky for most people to keep it topped up at the best of times, so a vitamin D supplement is recommended for most people who live in countries like the UK that lacks from a sunny climate. You can get it in capsules, spray and other supplement forms, so to help you decide which is the best for you and your family, read our guide.

The mighty multivitamin

Who doesn’t want a quick and convenient way to get all your important vitamins and minerals in? A multivitamin could be just the ticket if you’re concerned that you’re not getting sufficiently nourished by your diet while social distancing or self-isolating.

Last updated: 29 April 2020