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Young pregnant woman applying moisturizer on stretch marks

What are stretch marks and what can I do about them?

23 Nov 2022 • 1 min read

We all have a few bits and bobs on our bodies that we don’t like. Things like stretch marks and blemishes can be frustrating, but don’t fret as there are ways to fade these stubborn imperfections. Armed with the right beauty products, you can reduce the appearance of any annoying stretch marks. The basics Stretch marks are caused by skin expanding and contracting. They will appear when the connective tissue is stretched beyond its own limits of flexibility. You might be wondering what causes these pesky marks. As the name would imply, stretch marks are the result of any expansion or contraction to the middle layer of your skin. They occur when the connective tissue is stretched beyond its own limits of flexibility. It can also be the result of too much cortisone in the body. If you experience high volumes of this hormone, you could well be waving goodbye to skin elasticity. What do stretchmarks look like? Stretch marks usually appear as lines on the skin, starting off as purple or reddish in their appearance. Over time, they can fade to a silvery streak. Frustratingly, they can show up unannounced just about anywhere on the body, although common areas tend to be the most unwanted; count your tummy, thighs, buttocks, upper arms and breasts as hotspots for these skin invaders. Can they be prevented?  In instances where you may be able to foresee marks of this type coming into appearance, such as during pregnancy, a balanced diet rich in vitamins such as Vitamin E and Zinc could help keep these at bay. Remember to drink lots of water as well, as this helps to keep the skin moist and supple. Some women also swear by this wonder product. It’s a real treat for your skin and one which could hold some serious contention in the fight against these sneaky streaks. Can you reduce the appearance of stretchmarks? Fret not, as there are things you can do along with various products you can try to help prevent and make them less visible: Aloe Vera Taken from an African plant, Aloe Vera is a fab all-round skin product that’s great at tackling troublesome skin problems. It contains antioxidants with healing properties that can help to reduce stretch marks. What’s more, it rejuvenates and penetrates deep into the skin to help fix skin that’s in need of rescuing. Bio oil Whenever you mention stretch marks to a friend, the product they will be most likely to recommend is Bio oil. A lot of women swear by it. Bio oil can not only help prevent stretch marks (rub it on that bump during pregnancy), but it can also help to reduce them once they appear. Its magic ingredient, PurCellin Oil, is superb for getting rid of skin blemishes and scars. A healthy diet Before you go out and buy lots of wonder products, you might want to review your diet. A healthy, balanced diet packed with Vitamin E and Zinc can help to keep stretch marks and blemishes at bay. Don’t forget to stay hydrated too as this helps to maintain supple and moist skin. Stretch mark battling moisturisers There’s lots of handy moisturisers and creams which target stretch marks and other skin issues. Shop our Natural Beauty range
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