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How to get a deep sleep

There’s nothing better than waking up from a wonderful, deep sleep. When you’ve slept well, you feel revived and ready to face the day. But getting that highly sought after deep sleep isn’t always as easy as it seems. Worry not, we’ve got some clever little tips and things you can try to sleep oh so soundly.

Nail your bedtime routine

One of the best ways to get a deep sleep is to follow the perfect bedtime routine. Everyone is different, so you will need to try things that work for you. Whether that’s listening to soothing music, reading your favourite book or doing some bedtime yoga.

A study by the journal of sleep found that a hot bath an hour or so before bed can improve sleep. When you get out of a warm bath, your body temperature quickly drops, which gets your body ready for sleep.

Put your phone on silent and refrain from using electronic devices in the lead up to bedtime. As late evening approaches, it’s time to wind down and signal to your body that it’s nearly time to shut down for the night, so do something that will help you relax, dim the lights and then climb into bed.

The ideal environment for sleep

Next, you need to create the perfect environment for snoozing if you want to sleep soundly. That means checking that making sure your bedroom is at the right temperature for you. An overly hot or cold room may prevent you from sleeping soundly.

Get a comfortable bed, some snuggly covers and a fluffy pillow to rest your tired head. You might also want to paint your bedroom a soothing colour such as pale green, as it just might help you to drift off. Some people also find calming scents encourage their bodies to unwind and drift into a deep sleep.

Meditation and deep breathing

If you want a deep sleep, then you will need to free your mind from worries and distractions and relax physically and mentally. Meditation and deep breathing can help you achieve this. Write down everything you need to do the next day, this will make it easier to switch off. Just before bed, take some time for yourself to calm your mind.

Natural sleep remedies

Let nature give you a helping hand and enhance your sleep. We’ve got some handy products that will help you to drift off and get a restful night’s sleep. From natural sleep tablets to sleep sprays, oral drops and snoring remedies, we’ve got everything you need for a deep sleep.

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