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YES – a natural remedy for intimate dryness

25 Mar 2023

Hypoallergenic and gynaecologist recommended Award-winning YES lubricants and moisturisers are the world’s first and only range of intimacy products certified as organic by the Soil Association (Europe’s leading certification body). They are formulated with food grade plant-based gums and are pH balanced for optimum vaginal health. They have been designed to provide the most natural-feeling lubrication possible.

Why YES is different to traditional lubricants

Traditional lubricants contain chemical formulations, such as glycerine, silicone and paraben preservatives. As the mucous membrane within and around the vagina doesn’t have the protective layer found on the surface of outer skin it can be easily damaged, irritated and penetrated by these synthetic chemicals. Glycerine, in particular, can irritate the mucous membrane and promote the growth of thrush.

The organic accreditation of YES means that you don’t have to worry about synthetic additives, chemicals or animal testing. All YES products are also Vegetarian Society Approved.

Natural, pure and free from side effects

  • Free from hidden synthetic chemicals (harmful or not)
  • Free from Parabens, Glycerine and all known mucosal irritants
  • Natural ingredients (plant based and occurring in nature)
  • Beneficial (using plants that are known to benefit the mucous membrane and skin)
  • Feel really good on skin and work really, really well
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YES OB Plant-oil based lubricants

YES oil-based lubricants can be used as an intimate lubricant externally and internally, and as a massage oil.

"OB yes has made a big difference. Less pain and more pleasure."
TR, Nottingham

Organic ingredients include:

  • Shea butter and cocoa butter for smoothness
  • Sweet almond oil and sunflower oil for silky texture and moisturisation
  • Beeswax
  • Vitamin E, which benefits the skin and acts as a preservative

Hypoallergenic and richly nourishing, these natural oil-based lubricants are perfect for extended sexual activity (but note that they are not compatible with condoms).

These lubricants also provide soothing relief for every day lubrication, even if intercourse isn’t taking place.

YES WB water-based lubricants

Intensely hydrating, these water-based lubricants enhance sexual pleasure and sensitivity. Especially pH balanced for the vagina, they quickly relieve dryness and discomfort. They can be used on a daily basis to relieve vaginal dryness even if you are not sexually active.

"Yes WB lubricant is the only product I can use that doesn't give me an allergic reaction and just a small amount relieves the painful dryness. Thank you so much for this wonderful product."
TN, Nottingham

The organic ingredients create a perfect substitute for the body’s own lubrication and they also help to replenish its natural moisture:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Flax extract
  • Plant based gums (guar, locust bean and xanthan)
  • Food grade preservatives
  • Citric acid to buffer the pH
YES water-based lubricants are NHS approved and compatible with condoms.

For increased comfort during and after intercourse, health experts recommend applying a thin layer of the oil-based lubricant first, followed by a top layer of the water-based one. Try the Double Glide method with the YES Intro Pack, which includes both water and oil lubricants.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES lubricants and moisturisers are gynaecologist recommended.

I am on HRT. Can I use YES lubricants?

Yes, water-based YES lubricants are perfectly safe to use with HRT and can help with vaginal dryness.

I am using vaginal oestrogen. Can I use YES lubricants?

Yes. YES lubricants help support vaginal oestrogen. YES OB oil based can be used on days when you don’t use the pessary or vaginal cream. YES WB can be applied at the same time as a pessary. Or, if you are using an oestrogen ring, you can use YES every day.

I am trying to conceive. Can I use YES lubricants?

You can use YES lubricants during the part of your cycle when you are not ovulating, but during ovulation you should only use a lubricant which is sperm friendly. YES WB is not sperm friendly because the pH of 4.08pH is too acidic and will kill sperm. Lubricants with a pH of around 7.0pH are available over the counter for use when trying to conceive.

Can I use YES Lubricants with Adult Sex Toys and Vaginal Dilators?

YES WB is safe for use with latex, plastic and silicone toys and medical dilators.
YES OB is fine for use with plastic and silicone toys and medical dilators

Customer testimonials

"Fantastic - I am so relieved to find a company that has addressed these problems in an intelligent, ethical manner, enabling me to reclaim my femininity during my menopause."
GB, London (1st Oct 2016)

"Helps greatly to reduce painful sex and vaginal dryness and helps keep away thrush, making sex pleasurable again after many years of discomfort."
RC, Middlesex (19th Aug 2014)

"After suffering for 6 year with severe vaginal dryness yes oil base was recommended by a gynecologist. Since then my life have gone back to normal that was over a year ago. "

"It's a fantastic product (water based gel) before using this product I had so many bladder problems caused through menopause, but after using this products, life's back to normal again thanks Yes! "
DH, Harrow (17th Sep 2016)

"Safe to use, natural and the only product that has given relief to vaginal dryness without any side effect."
ED, Hampshire (15th Oct 2016)

Professional endorsements

Mr Nick Panay BSc MBBS MRCOG MFSRH - Director of the West London Menopause and PMS Centre, and past Chairman of the British Menopause Society.

“In my capacity as a Consultant Gynaecologist with a special interest in premature menopause, I see many women suffering from menopausal vaginal atrophy, whose symptoms can be significantly eased through the use of an appropriate vaginal moisturiser / lubricant. Based on my professional experience of such products, and the feedback from my patients I can say without hesitation that the YES range proves to be one of the most successful in combating the discomfort of dryness. I have confidence that its natural formulation affords effective re-moisturisation, while treating sensitive tissues with great gentleness.”

Dr David Edwards, MBBS MSc, GP and Specialist in Male /Female Sexual Dysfunction, President of the British Society for Sexual Medicine

"I have been involved with 'Yes' water and oil based products for a number of years both in my capacity as a General Practitioner and that of a Specialist in male and female sexual problems.  In particular I have advised patients to use 'YES' for vaginal atrophy, vaginismus, and vaginal dryness due to hormonal, post cancer therapy or dermatological conditions. As such 'YES' has become a valuable addition to my therapeutic armoury.

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