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What are elixirs?

23 Nov 2022 • 1 min read


From smoothie bowls to the humble avocado toast, wellness trends are growing in popularity.1 In fact, it’s thought that we spend £2.8 trillion on wellness products and services every year across the world.2 It’s easy to see why.

As we prioritise our health and wellbeing and have greater access to information, we are more likely to invest in products or services that promise to support our wellness.3

It’s worth bearing in mind that many wellness products or natural remedies are under-researched.4 Nevertheless, there may some benefits to including more wellness ingredients or products into your health routine if you think they could work for you.

One of the most recent trends in the wellness industry is elixirs.5 For those who prefer to sip their superfoods, these amped-up drinks promise to provide plenty of health benefits in a delicious and easy-to-consume form.

What are elixirs?

Elixirs can go by many different names. From superfood lattes and moon milk to beauty tonics and wellness drinks, these are usually warm or chilled brews with herbs or supplements added.6

Whether you make yours at home or purchase a pre-made elixir product, they tend to contain a variety of health-supporting ingredients. Ingredients in elixirs often try and naturally target different concerns. You might find supposed immune-supporting concoctions, energising brews, or a whole range of recipes that claim to improve general health and wellbeing.7

Benefits and risks of elixirs

If you want to incorporate elixirs into your daily routine, it’s worth bearing in mind that they’re unlikely to be a miracle cure for specific concerns. Some natural remedies have scientific backing, while others don’t.8 If you have a medical problem, always speak to your doctor.

Simple smoothie mixes, with fruit and vegetables included, are unlikely to cause unwanted side-effects (although they can be high in sugar).9 However, if you add supplements or herbs, be sure you know how they interact with the body and be aware of any potential side-effects.10

Some benefits of using health elixirs might include11:

  • A caffeine-free alternative to coffee
  • A nutritious meal or snack (when prepared with healthy and balanced ingredients)
  • A tasty carrier for herbs, vitamins, or supplements

Depending on the supplement, herb, or natural remedy you include, there may be other potential health benefits too.

How to make elixirs

Many people enjoy incorporating elixirs into their routine because they can be fine-tuned or customised to specific needs or concerns.12 How you prepare your health elixir is really up to you.

Some tips for making elixirs may include:

These ingredients are typically blended together to create a smooth and satisfying drink.

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