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Do you know how many calories you’re eating?

04 Dec 2022

Even if you’re not actively watching your weight, it is a good idea to know how many calories are in the things you eat and drink regularly. Calories are units of measurement. They help us calculate how much energy we are taking in through food and drink, as well as how much energy we are using through exercise or normal bodily functions, such as digestion and breathing.

Most packaged foods are labelled with nutritional information which includes how much energy the food provides. This is in the form of a calorie count, written as ‘kcal’. You may see another measurement for energy on the label too, kilojoules (kJ).  Some countries, including Australia, use this measurement, with 1kj being equivalent to just over 4kcal.

Make sure you read food labels carefully as the calorie count will usually be for one portion, not the whole thing! This can be confusing when portion size is not obvious. For instance, did you know that a portion of yoghurt is just four tablespoons?

Read on to find out how many calories are in the foods you eat every day.

How many calories in a banana?

A medium banana has 90 calories, with a larger banana coming in at 105 calories. Most of their calories come from carbohydrate in the form of naturally occurring sugar.

How many calories in an egg?

A medium boiled egg has 72 calories. A fried egg has 120 calories.

How many calories in an apple?

A medium apple has 70 calories, with a larger apple weighing in at 90 calories.

How many calories in an orange?

A regular-sized orange has around 60 calories.

How many calories in orange juice?

A glass of orange juice has 54 calories but be careful. Juices and smoothies sold in the convenience section of supermarkets and shops often shows the calorie count for one portion, which can be less than the bottle. The correct portion size for fruit juice is just 150ml, or a small glassful.

How many calories in a bottle of wine?

A 750ml bottle of wine ranges from 525 – 700 calories per bottle.

White wine contains around 600 calories per bottle. Red wine has more calories with around 680 calories per bottle. Rosé has around 525 calories per bottle.

Alcohol has 7kcal per 1g and a general rule, the lower the alcohol volume, the lower the calorie count.

How many calories in almonds?

One almond nut contains around 7 calories.

A teaspoon of almond butter (approx. 8g) contains 52 calories.

How many calories in a pint of beer?

There is 239kcal in a pint of 5% alcohol beer.

How many calories in a buttered crumpet?

A toasted crumpet with 10g butter has 177 calories.

How many calories are there in toast?

A slice of white toast with 10g butter has 146 calories. A slice of buttered wholemeal toast has 153 calories.

How many calories in an avocado?

Half a medium avocado has 158 calories.

How many calories in full fat Greek-style yoghurt?

Per heaped tablespoon (28g) of yoghurt, there is 37 calories.

How many calories in a baked potato?

One medium-sized plain baked potato has about 150 calories.

How many calories in a cup of tea?

Yes, even the humble cup of tea contains calories. With semi skimmed milk, tea is 18 calories. Add sugar and it goes up to 37 calories per cup.

How many calories in a latte?

It’s easy to forget about the calories we’re getting from our daily coffee fix. A latte made with semi-skimmed milk is around 190 calories.

Last updated 31 March 2020


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