Although bleach blonde locks may attract compliments and looks, maintaining healthy bleached hair is difficult.

Bleaching is tough on hair health, as bleach needs to expose hair proteins to successfully remove the colour from the hair. The result? Suppose you’re not looking after your hair properly before and after the bleaching process. In that case, you can develop yellow tones, frizz, and splits.

In this article, we’ll explain exactly how you can care for your bleached hair between, before and after trips to the hairdressers.

Bleached hair tips

Follow these bleached hair tips to protect hair while perfecting a bright blonde look – with no brassy tones allowed.

Banish brassiness with toner

There are two kinds of toners: semi-permanent colour toners and toning products. Hair colourists will usually apply a semi-permanent toner after a peroxide treatment to correct unwanted tones within the hair.

Your hairdresser may advise you use a purple or blue toning shampoo between trips to remove unwanted yellow tones from the hair.

Mask on

Bleaching is really stressful for hair, as it raises the hair’s cuticle to allow the bleach to break proteins and remove the colour from hair. However, if you bleach repeatedly, you can permanently move the hair cuticle, and cause excess moisture loss.

Keep your strands silky by using a hair mask at least once a week – perhaps twice a week if you have dry, thick hair that’s prone to frizziness. Applying masks while wet helps to seal moisture in your strands, giving them a glossy, healthy look.

Use targeted treatments

Many of us are used to using skin products which go beyond the simple cleanse, tone, and moisturize. This might be a serum which corrects complexion issues, or eye creams, to target dark spots.

Targeted treatments for hair are increasingly popular. You can find vinegar rinses to supplement shampoo, which aims to improve shine. Serums containing peptides that claim to boost hair density, or caffeine, which aim to enhance volume, are also popular.

Shield hair from stressors

Environmental stressors are some of the most harmful for bleached hair. The worst offenders are sunlight, swimming pools, and seawater.

Aim to avoid direct sunlight whenever possible as a bleach blonde, which means seeking shade and wearing a hat where possible. If hats simply aren’t your thing, look for mineral sun creams and UV protectors for blondes.

We wouldn’t advise anyone to avoid a splash during the summer months. Still, we will suggest you rinse your hair before and after a swim session, to protect your hair from damage.

Wash your hair less often

We know there are few things as mortifying as greasy hair. However, you’d be wise to wash your hair a little less. The oils your hair naturally produces are essential for hair strength.

Over-washing strips your hair of the essential minerals which keep your hair naturally healthy and bouncy, so aim to wash only two to three times a week. There are many great dry shampoos available on the market today which can help preserve a squeaky-clean look between washes.

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Last Updated: 9th December 2020

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