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Our hair is often our crowning glory, but different types and textures require different types of products and treatments, so it is important to understand what kind of hair you have.

Coarse hair is a common trait amongst many ethnicities, but it can sometimes be hard to know how to get the best out of it.

We have a put together a range of tips and tricks, to help anyone with very coarse hair find out more about the best form of coarse hair treatment.

What is coarse hair?

Coarse hair is a natural hair type that generally has a thicker circumference than others1.

This is so noticeable that you can actually feel it when you roll it between your fingers.

This not to be confused with thick hair, a term which refers to the density of hair follicles on your scalp. You can therefore have thick coarse hair.

You may have been born with coarse hair, or you may find that your hair becomes coarser at some point in your life.

This could be as a result of taking prescription drugs, a hormone imbalance or some thyroid conditions, so you may want to speak to your doctor if you notice this happening.

Flatten the frizz

One way to care for coarse hair is to use the specially developed condition creams and serums that are now on the market, which will help the hair shaft to lay flat.

Frizz-taming conditioning creams infuse the hair with silicone and proteins, to protect it from damage, whilst serums add gloss and weight to your hair to help keep it in place.

We have a whole article on our Health Hub dedicated to teaching you about ‘How to stop frizzy hair,’ which gives you some great insights into what causes it and how to look after it.

Keep away from alcohol

It’s ok, you can still pour that glass of wine! We mean the alcohol in your hair products.

Coarse hair can dry out very easily, and alcohol is found in many sprays and gels and is responsible for stripping the hair of moisture.2

Dry coarse hair is more prone to damage so finding alcohol-free options will help to protect your hair.

Brush up your skills

Whether you have coarse curly hair or the dead straight type, you need to make sure you brush it the right way.

Stick to brushing wet hair gently, with a brush that has widely spaced bristles.

This keeps frizz and flyaways to a minimum but take great care, as hair can break more easily when it is wet.

Take your vitamins

Healthy hair needs vitamins A, C, D and E, biotin, niacin and iron, which you should get from your diet.3

However, if you find this difficult, you may want to consider taking supplements to help compensate for any deficiencies.

Don’t take the heat

We know that everyone either wants poker straight hair or gorgeous curls, but heat styling tools are not a friend to any type of hair.

Straighteners, curling wands and hairdryers all contribute to decreasing the moisture in your hair, leaving it dry, frizzy and harder to manage.

If you have coarse wavy hair, try to keep your straightening to a minimum, in order to reduce the amount of damage this excessive heat can do to your hair.

Wear a mask

We don’t mean one on your face - we mean one on your hair!

A deep conditioning hair mask nourishes, moisturises and softens coarse natural hair, using ingredients such as coconut and olive oil, honey, avocado and aloe vera.

These masks are particularly useful when worn overnight, and this helps to maximise the benefits.

Keep cutting it

Even if you are trying to grow your hair, you need to ensure you book a regular visit to the hairdresser.

Getting a trim every couple of months helps to remove any split ends, as well as maintain its shape and style.

These tips can be applied to anyone with coarse hair, whether it is straight or curly, male or female.

If you have coarse hair, you can maintain it to make sure it looks utterly beautiful and is easy to manage.

Good coarse hair care can take a little extra work, but it is worth it when you see the stunning results.

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Last updated: 11th January 2021

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