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the best vegan beauty products

7 top vegan beauty buys

We love vegan beauty products, and we know you love vegan beauty products too!

We know this because we’ve seen all of the amazing things you’ve been writing about the products from within our vegan beauty range. So let’s check them out, the vegan beauty products that are rocking our reviews and rocking your world by the sound of your reviews! Here are the top-performing, products that have got your 4 and 5-star vote:

Vegan beauty buy 1: Holland & Barrett Calendula Cream

Rating: 93% of customers have given it 5 stars

Some of the glowing reviews:

Soothing cream

'I have been using this cream for a few months now, Its very soothing for irritated skin and it's not greasy, feels natural. Will buy again.' - Sarahmcc

All-rounder cream

Leaves skin super soft. Can be used as moisturiser.’ - Health Aficionado

 Lovely, non-greasy cream for dry skin

‘Lovely for dry hands. I have very dry skin and this Calendula is very soothing.’ – Polishscot

Vegan beauty buy 2: Faith In Nature tea tree conditioner

Rating: 100% of customers have given it 5 stars

Some of the glowing reviews:

Excellent Conditioner

'I've been using this brand for about 18 months and am still gauging the various options. The Faith in Nature Tea Tree Conditioner is one of the best conditioners I've tried and will probably stick with it. It leaves ones hair soft and manageable (!), and doesn't have an overwhelming perfume.' - Mystic

Immediate results

Even after the first wash, my hair felt considerably softer and healthier. I wouldn't recommend using anything else.’ - shortjohnbronze

Vegan beauty buy 3: Dr Organic aloe vera toothpaste

Rating: 78% of customers have given it 5 stars

Some of the glowing reviews:

Organic toothpaste

'Great natural toothpaste, lovely natural flavour, it’s organic and I feel like it gives a good overalls clean.' - sjk132

Better than mint flavoured toothpaste

Better than usual mint toothpaste. Mouth/teeth feel do clean & fresh. Works even better with the mouthwash.’ - JetJ


As I have become sensitive to fluoride toothpaste, was delighted to order the Aloe Vera non-fluoridated toothpaste from Holland & Barrett, which was a fast, efficient service!’ - Nolan

Vegan beauty buy 4: Child’s Farm Cocoa & Shea Butter Baby Moisturiser

Rating: 91% of customers have given it 5 stars

Some of the glowing reviews:

So good, I use it myself too

Been using this on my son since he was new born. Still use it for him once a week (he’s 4). Liked it so much I binned my moisturiser and switched to this myself. Light and absorbent with a fresh fragrance. Great value for money. Highly recommend.’ – MawMack


I bought this for my 10year old daughter. Her hands were very red and sore from recent handwashing. This is an excellent cream. Her hands were nearly completely better within 48hrs and she loved it as it didn’t sting her hands which other creams were doing.’ - JessB

Child's play moisturiser

The cheapest I have seen, so ordered 8 bottles. I work in healthcare and use it for my skin and hands. Child's play a very good product . I would recommend to any age for dry skin, eczema condition. Most of my colleagues use. If it's good for children!’ – Heidi 52

Vegan beauty buy 5: Native Unearthed Natural Deodorant Balm Activated Charcoal

Rating: 74% of customers have given it 5 stars

Some of the glowing reviews:

5 stars

Amazing deodorant, I’ve used many natural deodorants and this is by far the best.’ – Rums


I love the deodorant. It is really effective, protects from sweat odours for the whole day.’ – Jarmi

Great cruelty-free deodorant

Amazing deodorant really effective, cruelty free and great on sensitive skin. Yes, I recommend this product.’ – Tania L

Vegan beauty buy 6: Sukin facial moisturiser

Rating: 77% of customers have given it 5 stars

Some of the glowing reviews:

Lovely gentle moisturiser

'Love this moisturiser as it is gentle on skin and sinks in nicely without leaving my skin shiny. Thoroughly recommend.' - MIckeyMooMoo

PERFECT moisturiser for both my husband and I!

Love this moisturiser! I have a combination skin and my husband has very oily skin and yet it suits us both perfectly. Not greasy, absorbs quickly and hydrates well. Thank you!’ – Anonymous

Great product

Very good moisturizing cream, my skin is dry and the composition of oils has a soothing effect on it.’ – Isobell

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Last updated: 18 June 2020

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