the welllness edit podcast with holland and barrett

S03 E01 | 53m | How to love & accept yourself

27 Jan 2023

Gemma Newman

Author: Gemma Newman, The Plant Power Doctor

 A doctor for over 17 years, Gemma Newman has worked in many specialities as a doctor including elderly care, endocrinology, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, psychiatry, general surgery, urology, vascular surgery, rehabilitation medicine and General Practice.

Dr Newman's specialist interests are in holistic health and plant-based nutrition as well as lifestyle medicine. In her practice she has come to understand that body, mind and soul are not separate, and that it is only in addressing the root causes of stress and disconnection that we can truly heal, from the inside out.

Evanna Lynch

Author: Evanna Lynch, Actress, writer and animal rights activist

Evanna Lynch is an actress, writer and animal rights activist. Born in Ireland, Evanna began acting at a young age and at 14 attended an open audition for the role of Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series. Evanna has worked extensively in film, TV and theatre since, (including My Name Is Emily, Disco Pigs and The Omission of the Family Coleman).

Evanna is also the host of The ChickPeeps – a podcast that educates on and inspires people to take up an ethical vegan lifestyle. Evanna’s essay Cat Women was recently published in bestselling feminist anthology Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (And Other Lies). Her first book, ‘The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting The Tragedy and Glory of Growing Up’, A Memoir has been recently published.