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S04 E02 | 41m | Fashion is a form of self care

27 Jan 2023


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Kat's key messages


It's what you deserve


Flattering doesn't mean slimmer


Feeling more like you

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Kat Farmer

Author: Kat Farmer, Fashion TV Presenter and Author

Kat Farmer is a UK based fashion stylist, author and digital- first talent, known for her role in BBC1 styling show ‘You Are What You Wear’, her appearances on ITV This Morning’s fashion segment and her Sunday Times best seller ‘Get Changed: Finding the New You Through Fashion’. 

Kat is celebrated for inspiring people to dress for themselves and invest in slow fashion wardrobe staples that last for decades. You'll find Kat on Instagram documenting her journey as a fashion expert and offering her honest opinions on trends and conscious shopping. An authoritative voice in the fashion and beauty industry, Kat’s advice has featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph, Good Housekeeping and more. She was named ‘a hugely successful one-woman brand’ by the Times. 

“Life is too short not to feel fabulous - you deserve to look in the mirror and love who you are looking back at you” – Kat Farmer

Noteworthy work 

  • ‘Get Changed: Finding The New You Through Fashion’. Kat Farmer. (2022), Publication
Gemma Newman

Author: Gemma Newman, The Plant Power Doctor

 A doctor for over 17 years, Gemma Newman has worked in many specialities as a doctor including elderly care, endocrinology, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, psychiatry, general surgery, urology, vascular surgery, rehabilitation medicine and General Practice.

Dr Newman's specialist interests are in holistic health and plant-based nutrition as well as lifestyle medicine. In her practice she has come to understand that body, mind and soul are not separate, and that it is only in addressing the root causes of stress and disconnection that we can truly heal, from the inside out.