simple christmas ideas

5 simple Christmas ideas

03 Jun 2023


It’s the simple things in life that are sometimes the best – having a hot bubble bath, curling up with a good book, watching a good film, making your favourite meal, listening to music or simply taking the dog for a walk.

Simple’s good. And the good news is, it can be applied to Christmas too!

Scrap the glitz and the glamour, the frantic present shopping, meal organising and cooking, in favour for a more serene and slowed down version of Christmas. One in which you actually get to breathe in and experience every magical moment, and don’t get overwhelmed by what’s got be crossed off your list next.

Like the sound of having more of a simple Christmas? Here are some Christmas ideas to make the festive season more of a straightforward, but equally enjoyable, affair.

  1. Plan your time wisely
Don’t commit to everything, because there’s only one you and only so much you can fit in and do. While it’s great to have lots of different options, be selective about what you say ‘yes’ to and make sure you prioritise time with the people who mean the most to you. And don’t fall into the trap of not booking in any valuable ‘me time’ or rest time either, which is so easily done. Treat yourself, but also look after yourself too.1

  1. Enjoy the simple things
Take pleasure doing the simplest and smallest of things, because as we said at the start, they can sometimes be the most enjoyable. Putting the tree up and decorating it, wrapping presents, making your Christmas pud or some homemade crackers, or writing your Christmas cards, they’re all heart-warming things to do.For a little inspiration read, ‘Three easy-to-make treats.’

  1. Give simple DIY gifts
Simple presents don’t have to mean dull or boring. If anything, these gifts tend to be mean something more, as they’re more original and thoughtful. Home-made presents, such as a jar of jam or honey or batch of biscuits in a certain flavour, a framed photo or a hand-knitted scarf, gloves or hat. Or a pamper hamper, packed full of the person’s favourite products you’re buying for. For advice on creating the perfect festive hamper read, ‘How to make your own Christmas hamper.’

What are some good DIY Christmas gifts?

Pamper hampers aren’t the only DIY gifts you can give at Christmas. There are many more presents, just like this, you can give. They include:

Plus, paper flowers, homemade jam jar snow globes, Christmas tea towels, hand-painted plant pots, home-made soap, fabric covered journals, and more.3 The more personalised and creative, the better!

  1. Make use of what you have
Why put yourself through the hassle, and expense, of having to buy lots of new things when you can easily make do or adapt what you’ve already got tucked away somewhere? We’re thinking, making your own Christmas cards, decs, gift tags, wrapping paper and crackers, which are really fun to make and much kinder to the planet than purchasing them too. This article shows you how to master having a ‘homemade Christmas.’

  1. Schedule in some valuable downtime

We alluded to this point at the start. And just because it happens to be towards the end of the ideas list, doesn’t mean it’s any less important than the points we’ve already mentioned. When you’ve got a million and one different things to think about Christmas, it can be easy to overlook the importance of giving yourself a break every once in a while.

Practice mindfulness, run a hot bath, make a tasty hot choc, go for a walk without your phone, all of these things can be incredibly rewarding in both the short and the long-term. Like the idea of this? Good – this article shows you ‘How to chill out before Christmas’ – the advice can be followed right the way through the festive season and, if you’re being really good to yourself, all-year round too.

On that note, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and remember, simply does it.

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Last updated: 26 November 2020

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