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a bowl of rice flour with some grains of rice scattered around it

Rice protein powder benefits

23 Nov 2022 • 1 min read

If you follow a plant-based diet, rice protein could be a great way to up your protein levels. Why exactly do you need protein in your diet? It’s an essential nutrient present in every cell of your body and crucial for maintaining their health. It also provides energy.1

What is rice protein?

While a lot of protein tends to come from animal products, rice protein is something that can be consumed by vegetarians and vegans. As its name suggests, it’s extracted from rice and typically turned into a powder that can be added to food and drinks. Including protein in your diet can contribute to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass.

Rice protein powder benefits

In addition to the fact it’s entirely plant-based and full of vitamins and minerals, rice protein also has many other benefits.2 These include:
  • Amino acid profile

While rice protein isn’t a complete protein, it still has high amounts of many essential amino acids. Amino acids are types of organic compounds that bind together to form a protein.3
  • Is very easy to digest

It’s not unusual for people on a protein-heavy diet to experience an upset stomach or digestive troubles. Luckily, rice protein is thought to be much easier to digest than many other protein powders.4
  • Is suitable for people with certain allergies

Rice protein powder is an excellent option for people who may have an allergy to things like milk, soy, or gluten. This makes it an excellent alternative to the likes of whey powder or casein.5
  • It tastes nice!

While many proteins can have quite a strong flavour, rice protein is actually much more subtle and has a nice smooth texture. This makes it very easy to add to many recipes without affecting their taste.6

Tips for using rice protein

Rice protein powder is easy to incorporate into your diet to support your protein intake and maintain muscle mass. Why not try7:
  • Adding a scoop of it into a smoothie or shake.
  • Putting a little into baking recipes for an extra protein hit.
  • Stirring some into your morning porridge.
To get a more complete range of amino acids, try buying a rice protein which also includes pea protein. Alternatively, buy them separately and mix them together. Keen to try out rice protein for yourself? Discover products containing it in our extensive vegan protein range. Shop Vegan Protein Last updated: 9 February 2021 Sourceshttps://www.nutrition.org.uk/nutritionscience/nutrients-food-and-ingredients/protein.htmlhttps://blog.blenderbottle.com/is-rice-protein-right-for-me 3 https://nakednutrition.com/blogs/protein/top-10-benefits-rice-proteinhttps://nakednutrition.com/blogs/protein/top-10-benefits-rice-proteinhttps://titanbiotechltd.com/blogs/7-benefits-of-brown-rice-protein-powder/https://nakednutrition.com/blogs/protein/top-10-benefits-rice-protein 7 https://nutribuddy.com/guides/our-ingredients/rice-protein/

Author: Andrea DobronszkiSenior Regulatory Affairs Associate

Joined Holland & Barrett: Aug 2020

Master’s Degree in Food Science and Technology Engineering and BSc in Dietetics

Andrea started her career as a clinical dietitian and lecturer at a university hospital, managing the dietetic treatment of patients with various diseases, and giving lectures in nutrition for medical students.

Later she worked as a Product Developer at a sport nutrition company where she developed food supplements and fortified foods, and ensured that the products complied with the relevant regulations.

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