Activated charcoal tablets and powder on a wooden spoon and glass bowl

Beat bloating and flatulence with activated charcoal tablets  

Activated charcoal capsules are a natural remedy to a bloated stomach and excess wind which can be uncomfortable and a little embarrassing at times especially after eating. They work by absorbing excess gas from within your gut to relieve flatulence and feelings of fullness.

What are charcoal tablets?

Charcoal tablets (or capsules) contain ‘activated charcoal’ that’s made by heating charcoal to a high temperature. This combines the charcoal with oxygen to open up the millions of tiny pores between that atoms the charcoal is made up of, increasing its absorption abilities.     The tablets are odourless and almost tasteless. Also, because they’re swallowed whole, your mouth won’t turn black temporarily as it would with a charcoal drink..    Handpicked content: 5 reasons you should be using activated charcoal

How do they work?

When you take a tablet, the black powder works hard in your system, absorbing excess gas from your intestines (a claim that was supported by the European Food Safety Authority in 2011).

What can they help with?

It’s recommended that you take tablets after meals to help with: Reducing flatulence Once digested, the activated charcoal absorbs gas within the digestive system, helping to reduce flatulence symptoms and making you feel more comfortable. Easing bloating The absorption of excess gas within the intestines can ease bloating symptoms and make you feel less full after eating. If you are taking other medication, then you should take activated charcoal tablets either two hours before or one hour afterwards. If you have a medical condition involving your intestine, always consult your doctor first. Handpicked content: An introduction to activated charcoal benefits   Shop Now
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