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Five tricks that could help you lose weight

24 May 2023


The world of weight loss can seem a bit predictable and mundane at times. We’re all aware of the key points – eat fewer calories than you burn, exercise, walk rather than drive. The list goes on. If you’re on a weight loss mission and feel like integrating some more quirky fat-burning techniques into your routine, read on.

  1. Ditch alcohol that is high in fat – well, maybe don’t go out of your way to drink it. If you’re on a night out with friends, avoid beer and cider and stick to spirits with fewer exotic mixers (whiskey on the rocks vs. a fancy cocktail). This will prevent you taking in excess empty calories.

  1. Use scented candles or essential oils – a study found that subjects who wore scented patches on the backs of their hands experienced fewer cravings for sweets1. To keep the yearning for dessert at bay, light a deliciously scented candle whenever you're feeling tempted.

  1. Drink water before each meal – drinking water before each meal is a research-backed method of losing weight. The reason for this? Drinking a couple of glasses of water 10 minutes before a meal appears to dull the appetite.

  1. Drink black coffee – the first good reason to drink black coffee when cutting weight is that it’s got virtually no calories at all. The second reason is that black coffee, both decaf and normal, significantly reduces appetite. The third reason is that coffee has been shown to increase metabolism and cause your body to burn more calories digesting food2.

  1. Get a standing desk – a University of Iowa study found that office workers who alternated between sitting/standing desks and who stood for about 60 minutes per day more than their sedentary colleagues, burned almost 100 extra calories3.
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