A blank diet plan with a salad and apple next to it

Six natural ways to curb a big appetite

A hearty appetite can make it more difficult to stick to your diet. Try these natural, healthy ways to stay on track.

  1. Use food volume

Fill yourself up without overdoing the calories by using high volume foods. Here are some ideas: chopped salads, homemade soups, smoothies, and puffed cereal. Light, volume foods will give you more bang for your buck.

  1. Hydrating foods

Some foods are naturally high in water. These fill you up and give your body something to digest. They even make your mind (and eyes) think you are eating more calories. Most vegetables, fruits such as berries, and salad ingredients are good choices.

  1. Drink before you eat

Are you hungry? Or is what you’re feeling actually thirst? Try drinking something before you reach for a snack. Fizzy water or a healthy, low-calorie carbonated drink can help you feel fuller.

  1. Eat more fibre
Fibre is nature’s way of feeling full and promoting a healthy digestive system. Choose foods high in fibre such as vegetables, leaves, whole grains, pulses and beans. Also try adding a natural fibre supplement to your diet.

  1. Use “zero” foods and drinks

It’s never been a better time to stick to a calorie controlled diet. There are so many healthy products available. Try cauliflower rice to add fibre and volume to meals. Sip on zero calorie versions of drinks to curb your appetite between meal times. Make batches of sugar-free jelly as a low calorie dessert.

  1. Eat more protein
Protein contain amino acids which are the building blocks used to support muscle growth. Diet whey protein powders in particular can be quickly digested and have a lower calorie count than standard whey powders, so can be used for weight control. Make sure you eat some protein with every meal.
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