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A women showing her loose jeans round her waist

How to prevent unexplained weight loss

If you want to maintain your size, you need to know how to stop unintentional weight loss. Not everyone is keen to lose a bit of excess weight. If you don’t want to be any lighter than you are, you need to know how to stop your weight from falling.

Eat more

The most common reason for unexplained weight loss is a calorie imbalance. You could be eating less than your body needs without realising it. If you have a small appetite or if your daily routine is making it tricky to eat enough, that could be the culprit. Is your routine busier, or more stressful, at the moment? Keep a food diary for a few days to see if you are under eating.

Move less

Staying fit and active is healthy but if you are expending more energy than you are taking in, you will lose weight. Your body will need the extra energy from your fat and muscle tissue. Whilst we’d never advise anyone to be less active, look at your routine. Are you running about more than usual? If so, you will either need to eat more (to match your output), or scale back your activity levels.

 Get stress under control

Stress can make weight drop off in some individuals. If stress or high emotions cause you to lose your appetite or gravitate towards lighter food choices, pay attention to your diet. You need to nourish your body. Choose nutritious, calorie dense foods which will keep your body healthy.

 Make sure your digestive system is happy

If your digestive system isn't working properly, you won't get all the nutrition from the food you eat. If you suspect this is the case, try a probiotic, prebiotic, or digestive enzyme to help your system cope. If the problem is severe or ongoing, ask your doctor for help.

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