Losing weight can be a tricky process but there are plenty of replacement products, healthy alternatives and supplements to help you along the way. Holland & Barrett stock a range of slimming products, which include diet drinks, fat metabolising tablets and natural green tea extracts to help you slim down.

Benefits of Weight Loss

Losing weight carries a variety of health benefits, as a loss of just 10% of your body weight can really help. Alongside lower cholesterol levels, weight loss can result in a higher energy supply, enhanced mobility.


Our extensive selection of slimming products includes foods, capsules and snacks that are intended to support a balanced and nutritious diet.


Our selection of slimming foods includes the Slim range, which offer replacements for normal rice, pasta and noodles. As they are derived from water-soluble vegetable fibre, our Slim products provide a chewier texture to keep you feeling full for longer. Slim products are also low in carbohydrates so that you can enjoy a hearty meal without consuming the extra calories.


We also stock an assortment of natural supplements to support your weight loss regime. Our collection includes green tea extract capsules, containing a vital compound, EGCG, that may help support weight management and boost your metabolism.

Other notable products within our slimming range are:

Holland & Barrett are a trusted supplier of luxury health products, which have been quality assured and tested. You can browse through our dynamic range today to find the health products that suit your needs and routine.

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