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Popcorn is perfect for accompanying the latest blockbuster or binging the latest Netflix series. You can even pop a bowl on the table, for low key nibbles, when your friends pop round. 


Who knew that you could order cinema-quality popcorn online? At Holland & Barrett, our great range of popcorn includes a variety of flavours and makes the perfect snack for the whole family to share. Or else just keep for yourself!


Popcorn: a versatile snack


When it comes to popcorn, the choices are almost endless. And it is the most versatile of snacks, as you can either opt for sweet, if you have a sweet tooth, or savoury if you prefer.


Not only can you choose different flavours of popcorn, but you can also choose whether to make it yourself.


Choose from popcorn kernels to make your own delicious popcorn at home, or ready-made flavoured popcorn for a quick fix snack.


Make your own popcorn


With Holland & Barrett Popcorn Kernels you can pop your own corn, however you like it.


When you make your own with popping corn, you can get the whole family involved. Simply pop the kernels into your popcorn maker, your microwave or a pan and just wait until you hear the popping start! You can each create your favourite flavour too, for some delicious homemade popcorn.


Microwave popcorn is quick and fuss free – just be sure to keep an eye on it!


Sweet popcorn


A cinema favourite, sweet varieties of popcorn come in a range of flavours.


If it is pure indulgence that you are after then Joe & Sephs Salted Caramel Popcorn could be the one for you.


The most popular flavour in the range, this snack is coated with smooth, buttery caramel and flakes of sea salt. They also do a hazelnut and honey popcorn flavour too.


Savoury popcorn


If your tastes are more savoury than sweet, then there are plenty of varieties of popcorn that will tickle your pickle. Of course, you can go for salted popcorn but there are plenty of other flavours for you to try too.


Joe & Sephs Cheddar Cheese Popcorn is air-popped and coated by hand, using the finest, all-natural ingredients. It is also free from artificial colours flavours and preservatives.


Gourmet popcorn


If you like your snacks just that little bit posher, then gourmet popcorn could be for you.


Popcorn Kitchen is a range of indulgent snacks which you do not need to save for a special occasion. They are hand-popped in small batches and made with the highest quality ingredients.


Choose from mouth-watering flavours, including salted caramel, white chocolate and raspberry and chocolate orange.

What is popcorn?

Popcorn is a delicious snack, which is made from a variety of maize called zea mays everta.


The maize produces popcorn kernels which are then “popped,” which causes them to puff up and create something which is both soft and crunchy at the same time.


Popcorn as a snack is very versatile and comes in a wide variety of different flavours.

Is popcorn healthy for you?

When popcorn is in its most basic form, it can be relatively nutritious. The corn itself is a wholegrain and it is rich in dietary fibre, as well as being low in calories. However, once toppings and flavourings are added, extra calories are also added.


That said, there are some healthy popcorn products available. One low calorie option is Propercorn Lightly Salted Popcorn which comes in at just 88 calories per serving. It is perfect for satisfying your savoury cravings guilt free.

Is popcorn gluten free?

Corn itself is gluten free and it continues to stay that way once it has been popped. However, gluten may be introduced once additional toppings and flavourings are added.


Be sure to check the labels to ensure that any popcorn you choose is gluten free.


Joe & Sephs Simply Salted Popcorn is completely free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar.

How is popcorn made?

Popcorn is made using corn kernels. Each kernel contains a small droplet of water. When heat is applied to it, the droplet converts this to steam and the pressure begins to build. When the pressure is too much for the hull, the kernel explodes.


The starch which was previously inside the kernel then turns into white, fluffy popcorn.


To make popcorn at home, you will need to apply heat to un-popped kernels using a popcorn maker, a microwave or a pan.

Is popcorn vegan?

Although popcorn kernels themselves are suitable for vegans, as they come from a variety of maize known as zea mays everta and so are plant-based, sometimes flavourings and toppings, such as butter are added, which of course are not suitable for vegans.


But do not worry, just because you are following a plant-based diet does not mean that you need to miss out on top tier snacking.


Holland & Barrett has a range of vegan popcorn available, including Propercorn Lightly Salted Popcorn and Nom Simply Salted Popcorn.

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