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    CBD products are gaining a broader acceptance lately, and that has facilitated the production of a range of products that can benefit your skin, feet, lips, and general health.

    What is CBD?

    CBD (Cannabidiol) is an ingredient naturally sourced from hemp plants (Cannabis Sativa).

    On its own though, CBD doesn’t cause a high. It is legal in the UK as long as it comes from an industrial hemp which is EU-approved, or from outside the EU.

    What sort of benefits can CBD provide for a beauty regime?

    CBD skin care

    The potential soothing benefits of CBD can mean that CBD oil (that is, where the extracted CBD powder is mixed with an oil like coconut oil) may provide some benefits for skin concerns such as breakouts and blemishes.

    CBD could also play a role in hydrating the skin, so may be beneficial for combatting dry skin.

    Many skin conditions are currently addressed using anti-inflammatory agents which can have undesired effects when used on sensitive areas. For some people, CBD-containing products are a beneficial alternative as it can have a soothing effect on the skin.

    Everything you need to know about CBD cream

    With so many products out there, the first thing to do is check that any CBD cream or CBD balm has cannabidiol as one of the ingredients.

    Hemp seed oil will be listed as cannabis sativa seed oil, and though it is lovely and provides other benefits, it isn’t the same as CBD.

    In addition, check that the products come in an air-tight type container or packaging.

    Use CBD creams after a bath or shower, or just wash the specific area first with some soap and water in order to remove excess dirt or oil build-up. Dry with a towel, then, gently rub the cream into the skin. If looking for soothing benefits, apply the cream in the specific area, or for the soothing effect, apply it liberally on any part of your body.

    Applying creams just before going to bed is a great strategy, as that gives them the space to work overnight. And when applying them to a specific area, it can be helpful to then cover the area with a bandage, in order to let the cream soak in.

    And because CBD use is still something that is relatively new and there isn’t a lot of peer-reviewed research on CBD creams, you can check out product reviews for an idea of how effective people have found the product to be.

    You might like to try Ambience CBD Infused Foot Care Moisturiser which contains cannabidiol, as well as other beneficial and natural ingredients like almond and jojoba oil and aloe vera leaf juice. The cream provides nourishing hydration in order to fight foot dryness and provide overall all-day comfort.

    CBD serums and CBD balms

    Holland & Barrett also provide a large range of fragrant serums and balms.

    CBD balm for tired and achy muscles

    Holland & Barrett CBD Muscle Balm Extra for example, is an interesting balm that helps relieve tired and aching muscles.

    It includes cannabidiol, capsicum, peppermint, hemp extract, jojoba esters, eucalyptus, and more. The balm has a slight warming and cooling effect that can help with blood circulation as you massage it into targeted areas.

    People who are likely to get tired muscles include athletes, anyone doing exercise or stretches that go a bit beyond their comfort zone or who didn’t stretch properly before a hike or sports game. Even sitting still for a long time, sleeping in an awkward position, or lifting small children up and down all day can cause some muscle stiffness.

    CBD serum as a moisturiser

    Meanwhile, Holland & Barratt’s CBD Serum is a concentration of CBD that can give your skin a moisturising boost.

    It is suitable for problematic skin and can help with redness. To use it, apply daily after washing and before any extra moisturising. It can be used in combination with the Holland and Barrett CBD Day Cream and CBD Night Cream.

    Check out our article on using CBD oil in your beauty routines. Can it really help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles?

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