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    Stock up on apple cider vinegar, a food cupboard essential.

    Apple cider vinegar has been used for centuries as a natural remedy as well as a healthy cooking ingredient. It can add flavour to bland foods or dress salads to give them a slight tang.

    It’s important to note that medical experts are constantly reviewing apple cider vinegar, and research is needed to validate many health claims.

    Nevertheless, you’ll find pages of quality apple cider vinegar products on our website, including organic apple cider vinegar from local farms and modern ACV drinks infused with grapefruit. Rest assured we have your ACV needs covered.

    So what is this praised ingredient and what is apple cider vinegar good for?

    What is apple cider vinegar?

    Apple cider vinegar, or ACV as it’s also known, is made using fermented apples. The apples usually go through two fermentation processes, and it’s after the second that apple cider vinegar is created, thanks to bacteria which makes acetic acid.

    You’ll often see two types of apple cider vinegar in the supermarket or online at Holland & Barrett. They are unfiltered apple cider vinegar, which is often cloudy, and filtered apple cider vinegar which isn’t.

    The only major difference is that unfiltered apple cider vinegar, or raw ACV, still has the ‘Mother’. The Mother is formed in the fermentation process by the same bacteria used to make acetic acid.

    Again, more research is needed to ascertain its true health benefits, but apple cider vinegar with the Mother is often sold as the organic alternative of the two. The Mother is simply a cloudy substance that contains bacteria and can help support your microbiome

    Some of our supplements containing apple cider vinegar also contain chromium which can have a number of health benefits:

    • Support macronutrient metabolism
    • Contributes to maintanence of normal blood glucose levels

    Whatever your use for apple cider vinegar, you’ll find quality products below from Holland & Barrett and brands like Bragg and Aspall. Try apple cider vinegar for yourself or add it to delicious recipes like vegan pulled jackfruit.


    An increasingly popular addition to kitchen cupboards and bathroom cabinets alike, buzz product apple cider vinegar is made from fermented apples. 


    Its key ingredient is acetic acid, something that is also present in other vinegars.


    Long used in cookery, people have also believed for many years that apple cider vinegar has uses in other areas too. 


    Apple cider vinegar is a particularly popular ingredient in homemade skin and haircare products.

    Apple cider vinegar is made from fermented, pressed apples. In some cases this vinegar is then filtered, producing the clear, clean looking vinegar you are likely to find on supermarket shelves.


    If left unfiltered, apple cider vinegar forms a cloudy layer of yeast and bacteria called ‘The Mother’. 


    It does not look very promising, but this is the stuff that people believe makes apple cider vinegar useful for more than just salad dressings. 


    It is also why organic apple cider vinegar with mother, such as Braggs apple cider vinegar, for example, tends to be preferred for anything other than everyday cookery.

    One common claim about apple cider vinegar is that it can aid weight loss. 


    There is some evidence that apple cider vinegar weight loss diets may have some credibility, but the effects (as well as the evidence) appear to be pretty limited.

    Some people drink apple cider vinegar for its perceived health benefits; however this is not recommended. 


    While it is theoretically safe to consume, apple cider vinegar is extremely acidic meaning it can erode tooth enamel and cause uncomfortable acid reflux.


    If you do wish to drink apple cider vinegar, it is best to dilute it well, creating a more pleasant tasting apple cider vinegar drink that is a little more tooth-safe too.

    Plenty of people are using apple cider vinegar on face, body and hair. It is often blended into face masks and as a natural astringent, it can safely replace your toner as part of a natural beauty regime – just be sure to patch test first.


    Create a simple apple cider vinegar hair rinse by simply diluting with water and rinsing your hair after your usual wash.

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