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    Make sure every day is a good hair day with the help of Holland and Barrett’s hair care range


    Hair is important: it can have a big impact on our self-esteem, help us to express ourselves, and can often be a good indicator of overall health. Whether it’s coconut oil you’re after or hair growth vitamins, make sure you have the products to ensure your tresses are always in tip-top condition with our range of shampoo and conditionerhair colouring productshair vitamins and oil for hair.

    When you look back through history, hair has always been important. Take pharaoh Cleopatra for example, she ruled Egypt but is often cited first for her long, thick hair. Today, hair care is still big news, as people continue to strive for the best hair they can get. However, with excessive heat styling, hair colouring, pollution, and other modern-day hair stressors, we often need a little extra help to get our hair looking fabulous.

    Natural Hair Care Products

    Shampoo and Conditioner

    Why do we need it?

    It may seem like a silly question, but it’s quite important to know what this everyday hair product does. Shampoo is mainly used to get rid of any surface debris on the hair and scalp, and to remove the natural oil our scalp produces – the one that gives us ‘greasy hair’.

    Warm water opens the hair’s cuticles allowing the shampoo to penetrate deeper and remove dirt and residue from the hair shaft. Conditioners will help to close the hair cuticles by smoothing them down the natural shape of the hair shaft. Hair conditioner improves the manageability, appearance and feel of the hair in general – leaving our locks looking good.

    What type of shampoo and conditioner should I use?

    Shampoo and conditioner can help to maintain certain hair conditions like dry hair, thinning hair, oily hair, colour-damaged hair and more, so don’t despair!

    There is a shampoo and conditioner for almost every hair type and beauty aim, whether it’s a volume-boost shampoo for flat hair, an intensive conditioner for damaged hair or simply an organic shampoo and conditioner. Here at Holland and Barrett, we stock a huge range, including:

    Argan oil shampoo and conditioner

    Tea tree shampoo and conditioner

    Biotin shampoo and conditioner

    Organic shampoo and conditioner

    Coconut shampoo and conditioner

    - Aloe vera shampoo and conditioner

    Dr Organic shampoo and conditioner

    Vegan shampoo and conditioner

    Hair Colouring

    Whether your hair colour changes like the weather or you have started to find a few pesky grey hairs creeping through, there’s a hair colour product out there for you.

    What does permanent hair dye do?

    Permanent hair colouring products stay on your hair until your hair grows out, meaning you will have to top it up when your natural colour starts to come through at the root. It usually begins to fade within four to six weeks, but you can simply re-apply the same dye to revive it.

    What does semi-permanent hair dye do?

    Semi-permanent hair dyes last for a shorter amount of time and is usually used to blend or cover grey hair and enhance natural hair colours.

    Our hair colour product range includes:

    Permanent hair dyes

    Semi-permanent hair dyes

    Henna hair dye

    Sometimes our hair can act as an external indicator for general health. For example, if your hair suddenly goes from beautifully bouncy to flat and lifeless it may be because of something going on inside rather than what you’re doing to it on the outside.

    What vitamins are good for hair?

    Certain vitamins and minerals have been linked to hair health, including selenium, biotin zinc, and copper.

    What hair vitamin supplements shall I use?

    Different combinations work for different people, hair types and hair conditions. Whether you’re a new mother struggling with a change in your hair, a man interested in his hair health or simply want to give your hair a little more oomph, there are hair supplements out there for you.

    Our vitamins for hair range includes:

    Hairburst products

    Biotin supplements

    Perfectil hair tablets

    Hair growth program for men

    Hair oil

    Why would I put oil in my hair?

    Both our hair and scalp need oil, that’s why our body naturally produces sebum and distributes it from the skin’s sebaceous glands. However, sometimes our bodies produce too much or too little oil and this can cause problems ranging from dry, itchy scalps and dandruff to excessively greasy hair.

    Luckily, nature produces other oils that we can conveniently use to improve our hair and scalp health.

    What is the best oil for your hair type?

    Argan oil

    The most popular Moroccan hair product around, argan hair oil is great for dry and frizzy hair and can make it feel softer while looking smoother and shinier.

    Coconut oil

    The multitasker, coconut hair oil is suitable for all hair types to keep hair feeling strong and less likely to break. It smells pretty good too!

    Macadamia oil

    The rich one, macadamia hair oil is great for giving a boost to very damaged and dry hair. Use it as a replenishing hair mask.

    Kalahari melon seed oil

    The sensitive one, Kalahari melon seed hair oil is perfect for sensitive scalps and skin. The gentle way to give your hair a shine boost.

    Almond oil

    The light one, almond hair oil is great for soothing a dry scalp. It is packed with hair-health goodness, good for boosting hair growth and reducing breakages.

    Baobab oil

    The vitamin-rich one, baobab hair oil is renowned for its high vitamin content and nourishing qualities which may help your hair grow faster.

    Marula oil

    The holiday one, marula hair oil is full of vitamin c, works great on all hair types and is perfect for holidays because it will prevent your hair from drying out in the sun so much.

    For more expert advice, top tips, FAQs and more visit our Hair Skin & Nails Wellness Hub.