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    We care for our little ones more than anything else, and we will move heaven and earth to keep them safe and healthy.

    That means thinking about all sorts of things that we had previously taken for granted, including the ingredients in products we would otherwise routinely use.

    There is nothing more precious than a baby’s skin; it is soft and delicate, and we have to think carefully about how to best treat it.

    That means paying very close attention to the toiletries that we use, as many adult ones are far too harsh for use on a baby.

    Many people are also now looking at natural baby toiletries as an alternative.

    This helps make sure you are doing all you can to protect your little bundle of joy.

    What should I use for my baby’s bath time?

    Bath time can provide some very special bonding time for many parents when it comes to their babies, so it is an important ritual, not just for cleaning away daily grime.

    Bubble bath for kids

    No matter what their age, your little one will always love bubbles! So the Good Bubble Dragon Fruit Bubble Bath is the perfect way to dial up the fun naturally.

    This gorgeous kids’ bubble bath is packed with antioxidants to nourish young skin.

    Baby body wash

    Keeping baby clean can seem like an uphill battle, but this Child’s Farm Blackberry & organic Apple Hair & Body Wash uses gentle ingredients, made specifically for baby skin.

    Baby oil

    After the bath, you will want a natural baby oil such as the Balmonds Chamomile Baby Oil.

    This helps to lock in moisture after the bath or works beautifully as a baby massage oil.

    It is rich in organic lavender, chamomile and safflower to ensure it has a calming and nourishing effect.

    What other natural baby toiletries are there?

    Nappy changing is not a fun time for anyone, but it is even worse if baby is sore and unhappy.

    Nappy cream

    The Weleda Calendula Baby & Child Nappy Change Cream uses skin friendly lanolin and zinc oxide to form a protective barrier against excessive moisture.

    The combination of organic almond oil, calendula and chamomile extracts provides gentle care.

    Moisturising lotion

    Natural baby skincare is very important and finding a good natural lotion can help to keep your baby’s skin soft and nourished.

    Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Original Nourishing Lotion has been shown to provide moisturisation for up to 24 hours.

    It has been formulated with buttermilk, shea butter and sunflower seed oil to ensure that it absorbs quickly.

    Finger tooth brush

    Keeping baby clean and cared for does not just include organic baby toiletries, there are some great little tools available too.

    The Jack N’ Jill Silicone Finger Brush () slides onto the finger and can be used to gently and easily clean teeth and massage gums. It is gentle and is really easy to use when travelling to help ensure good oral hygiene and to help soothe teething gums.

    Teething gel

    Teething can be the bane of both baby and parents’ lives. Those new milk teeth that begin to break through can cause pain, discomfort and sleepless nights.

    It can seem impossible to soothe, but the Jack N’ Jill Natural Teething Gel offers some hope.

    This soothing, non-medicated formula contains chamomile and calendula and has a mild vanilla flavour to relieve discomfort.

    We take great care in what we give our babies to eat, so we need to take just as much care about what we put on their skin.

    This brand new, delicate skin needs to be treated with kid gloves and so using natural skincare and toiletries means you can offer your child’s skin the care it needs.

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