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    At Holland & Barrett we stock a wide, high quality range of honey. We sell only the highest quality Manuka honey as well as our other favourites such as eucalyptus honey, orange blossom honey and organic wild flower honey to name but a few. Honey provides a variety of health benefits and only the recommeneded amount should be taken daily. 




    Honey is a sweet nectar that contains approximately 600 compounds. With a long history of uses, Holland & Barrett provide a range of honey products, which includes blended honey, Manuka honey supplements and natural honey.


    What is Honey?


    Honey is a dense, golden liquid made by bees using the nectar from flowers. Nectar is removed from the flowers by the bees and then regurgitated into other bees until it is deposited into a honeycomb.

    Honey was employed by the ancient Egyptians to dress wounds and for embalming purposes. With a variety of uses and benefits for everyday use.




    Holland & Barrett provide an extensive collection of honey solutions and supplements. Some of our most popular products include:

    Holland & Barrett are committed to offering the finest quality when it comes to health products and supplements. You can browse for your honey product across our collection today.