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Homemade lemon & turmeric facemask recipe

31 Mar 2023

Want clear, glowing skin? This simple facemask can help soothe and calm your complexion

This moisturising and soothing homemade mask contains the traditional curry spice turmeric.

Turmeric has played a role in Indian beauty treatments for centuries thanks to its main active ingredient - curcumin.

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What does curcumin do?

A powerful antioxidant, curcumin has strong anti-inflammatory properties, which means it may be able to heal wounds faster and calm skin. It is also anti-bacterial, helping to fight infection.1,2,3

The facemask contains honey too, which has moisturising and healing properties. To get the right consistency in your mixture, make sure you use set honey rather than runny.

The final ingredient, lemons, are rich in vitamin C which helps the skin form collagen. It can also fight the appearance of ageing skin.4,5

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Lemon and turmeric face mask

Makes 1 mask


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Step 1.
Turmeric can irritate the skin so if yours is sensitive, try a patch test at least 24 hours before use. If you are allergic to turmeric in food, don’t try this mask.

Step 2.
Mix the honey, lemon juice and turmeric in a bowl until they are combined.

Step 3.
Use a hairband to push hair away from your face, and wrap a towel around your shoulders as the mask may drip.

Step 4.
Using clean fingers, apply the mask to your face and neck.

Step 5.
Leave it on for up to 10 minutes. After a few minutes, you may feel your skin tighten a little.

Step 6.
Remove the mask using damp cotton wool, a facecloth or flannel. Rinse your face with tepid water.

Turmeric can temporarily stain the skin, so don’t leave it on longer than recommended. Cotton wool soaked in olive oil will remove any residue.6
Advice is for information only and should not replace medical care. Please check with your GP before trying any remedies.
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