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Collagen supplements, creams and powders

13 of the best collagen supplements

05 Jul 2023 • 4 min read

Heard of collagen? Wondering how you take it? If you’ve already started to look around, you’ll find quite a few different options. But don’t worry, all will become clear very soon…

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body; it’s found everywhere, from our intestines to our skin, muscles, and ligaments.¹

Collagen benefits your body in more ways than you might think. It makes up about a third of all the protein in your body, so having a good supply of collagen might help you.3

But the older we get, the less collagen our bodies produce naturally. After about age 25, our collagen levels deplete by 1% each year.²

Back in the day, the most common way of increasing your collagen levels was to eat pork skin or bone broth (which you can still do…)

But, in recent years, there’s been a new way of increasing your collagen intake. You’ll find collagen supplements in tablets, gels, powders, gummies…you name it.

Is collagen better in powder or pill form?

Is collagen better in powder or pill form?

There’s no right or wrong way to take it. It all depends on which option you prefer and will stick to.

Many people find collagen powder an easy way to get their daily intake. For example, you can mix it into a glass of water or blend it into a smoothie.

Alternatively, you can take a collagen tablet. Or maybe you’d prefer topical application; there are collagen creams you can add to your pamper routine, too.

Which collagen can be found in the skin?

There are many types of collagen, but there are three that are found most commonly in the body.

Type I and type III are generally found in skin and muscles. On the other hand, you’ll find type II in cartilage.¹

13 best collagen supplements

We’ve rounded up 13 of the best collagen products so that you can check out your options.

Best collagen tablets

These are a quick and easy way to get more collagen on a regular basis. You’ll usually get around 30, 60, 90 or more days’ worth, and they’re taken with a meal.

We’ve rounded up the best collagen capsules below!

1. Vitabiotics Jointace Collagen Tablets

1. Vitabiotics Jointace Collagen Tablets

Customer rating: 4.6/5 stars

Jointace collagen has been designed for those with an active life, in sports, or in later life. It provides high-grade collagen that’s been hydrolysed to help improve absorption.

Take 2 tablets a day with a main meal. Swallow with a full glass of water or a cold drink.

Do not take them with tea or coffee, as this may cause the tablets to disintegrate too early.

2. Holland & Barrett Collagen 1000mg 90 tablets

2. Holland & Barrett Collagen 1000mg 90 tablets

Customer rating: 4/5 stars

H&B Collagen 1000mg tablets contain vitamin C, which contributes to collagen formation for the normal function of skin.³

Take 3 of these bovine collagen tablets daily, preferably with meals.

3. Neocell Super Collagen + C 120 Tablets

3. Neocell Super Collagen + C 120 Tablets

Customer rating: 4.3/5 stars

You’ll find an impressive 6000mg of type I and III hydrolysed collagen in each serving of these bioactive tablets!

They also contain 60mg of vitamin C, a nutrient that supports normal collagen formation in the body.³

Best collagen powders

If you’re not a fan of taking tablets, powdered collagen is a super versatile choice, as you can sprinkle some into your smoothies, juices, or even in your baking.

Choose from a flavoured or unflavoured powder – it’s up to you.

4. Holland & Barrett Marine Collagen Tropical Flavoured Powder 5000mg 210g

4. Holland & Barrett Marine Collagen Tropical Flavoured Powder 5000mg 210g

Customer rating: 3.5/5 stars

Easy and convenient, this marine collagen powder with vitamin C can slot simply into your daily routine, making supplementing with collagen a doddle.

Because of its tropical flavour, it can easily be added to a glass of water to transform it into a tasty drink.Each 7g serving provides 5000mg of premium marine collagen. Adding it to water also helps to count towards your daily water intake, ticking off two of your nutrition goals.

5. Bioglan Beauty Powder 151g

5. Bioglan Beauty Powder 151g

Customer rating: 4/5 stars

This high strength collagen supplement has been specially formulated with hydrolysed marine collagen and hyaluronic acid.

With no taste, strong smell or flavour, it dissolves in water, smoothies, shakes and soups, making it an easy and convenient way to support your daily collagen intake.

Dissolve one scoop (5g) in warm water, smoothies, shakes, and soups.

Best collagen creamers

Do you love a creamy coffee? You’re in luck! Collagen creamers act like regular coffee creamers but with all the added benefits of collagen.

6. Dose & Co Dairy Collagen Creamer – Caramel 340g

6. Dose & Co Dairy Collagen Creamer – Caramel 340g

Customer rating: 4.4/5 stars

This premium caramel-flavoured bovine collagen powder contains 10g of collagen per serving.

Blend a scoop into coffee, smoothies, tea and milk to nourish your body with collagen, all while giving your drinks a lush, creamy texture and naturally sweet taste.

7. Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer Coconut Flavour 293g

7. Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer Coconut Flavour 293g

Customer rating: 4.7/5 stars

Collagen… coconut...creamer…Sold!

Not only does this creamer provide you with 10g of high-quality grass-fed bovine collagen peptides, it’s got all the tasty goodness of organic coconut milk powder too. Hello coconut latte with a difference!

Best marine collagen

The clue is in the name! Marine collagen is sourced from fish skin, bones, and scales.

It’s thought to be one of the best ways to consume collagen and is composed of almost entirely type 1 collagen – the most common collagen found in the human body.¹

It’s also handy for all you pescatarians out there or those who don’t eat beef.

8. H&B Expert Marine Collagen Orange Liquid 10 Sachets

8. H&B Expert Marine Collagen Orange Liquid 10 Sachets

Customer rating: 4.6/5 stars

Holland & Barrett Expert Marine Collagen Liquid Sachets feature our most advanced and clinically studied liquid, Verisol collagen, to support with the appearance of wrinkles and your skin’s elasticity.

Get your daily dose of high strength collagen in this quick and easy liquid collagen drink.

As well as high quality, clinically studied marine collagen, Holland & Barrett Expert Marine Collagen Liquid Sachets also contain skin-supporting nutrients such as vitamin C and zinc.

Best collagen peptides

Collagen peptides are simply small pieces of protein found in animal collagen. Because they’re made up of shorter amino acid chains, peptides are more bioavailable (easy to absorb into the bloodstream) than other forms of collagen.²

9. Dose & Co Pure Collagen Peptides 283g

9. Dose & Co Pure Collagen Peptides 283g

Customer rating: 3.9/5 stars

The most versatile product in the Dose & Co range, this unflavoured collagen peptide formula can fit seamlessly into your busy routine. As this pure collagen comes unflavoured, you can blend into coffee, smoothies, tea, milk and other recipes easily. Just add four heaped teaspoons of powder to get 21g of quality bovine collagen.

Fancy learning about all the collagen benefits you could stir into your coffee? We spoke to Dose & Co Founder and “collagen guru” Libby Matthews to find out more…

Handpicked content: Meet our collagen gurus

Best liquid collagen

One advantage of liquid collagen is that it’s a great option for all you busy bees out there, as you can pop a sachet or shot in your bag and not have to worry about preparing it – just enjoy!

10. Neocell Collagen + C Pomegranate Liquid

10. Neocell Collagen + C Pomegranate Liquid

Customer rating: 4.7/5 stars

This collagen and pomegranate liquid formula combines 4g of type 1 and type 3 collagen peptides with vitamin C, green tea, and cranberry. It tastes pretty nice too!

Best vegan collagen supporting supplement

With most collagen sources and supplements being from animal sources, vegan collagen supporting supplements can seem a little confusing… but they do exist!

Vegan collagen supporting supplements are designed to support the body’s production of collagen, rather than providing a direct supply of it.

Many vegan collagen supporting supplements are made with ingredients like vitamin C that contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin, cartilage, bones, blood vessels, and gums.

11. Starpowa Vegan Collagen Support – 60 Gummies

11. Starpowa Vegan Collagen Support – 60 Gummies

Customer rating: 4.3/5 stars

This gummy offering by Starpowa has been formulated to support your body’s natural collagen formation and skin health with vitamin C.

It also includes other ingredients, like , BCAAs, bamboo, hyaluronic acid and vitamins C and E. No animal necessary!

Take 2 cloudy lemonade-flavoured gummies a day.

Best collagen creams

As well as collagen pills and collagen powder, there’s collagen cream. And even that comes with different choices…

Will you go for a day cream, night cream, super night-time cream, or eye cream? They’ll all provide the benefits of collagen and blend seamlessly into your skincare routine.

While collagen tablets work from the inside out, collagen cream topically targets one specific area.

12. Q+A Natural Skincare Collagen Face Cream 50g

12. Q+A Natural Skincare Collagen Face Cream 50g

Customer rating: 4.7/5 stars

This cream contains a collagen-boosting active derived from seaweed, helping to provide collagen to support hydration.

Assisted by magnesium PCA and lactic acid, it helps protect skin from the effects of free radicals whilst supporting the peptide technology.

Apply evenly to clean skin. Can be used as a day or night cream.

13. Vitaskin Vitamin C Collagen Boosting Night Cream

13. Vitaskin Vitamin C Collagen Boosting Night Cream

Customer rating: 4.2/5 stars

This hydrating, collagen-boosting night cream helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It contains high levels of vitamin C and omega oils that recharge skin overnight for a youthful and healthy glow. Apply as the final step in your skincare routine.

What are the side effects of taking collagen supplements?

Collagen is considered to be safe, due to the fact it naturally exists in our bodies and is therefore well tolerated by the human body. However, it’s worth noting that current clinical trials focus on relatively small numbers of healthy individuals.² Other variables, such as existing health conditions, may mean the effects differ from person to person.

It's also important to remember that collagen supplements often contain other ingredients, like added vitamins and minerals.

No significant side effects have been linked to collagen. However, some people who’ve taken collagen supplements have reported feeling full up and experiencing heartburn.²

If you do experience any of these symptoms, they should only be minor, and they should go away when you stop using collagen.

However, if you have any concerns or the side effects persist, seek advice from your GP.

Are collagen supplements suitable for everyone?

It’s worth bearing in mind that while collagen supplements haven’t been linked to any major side effects, they are usually made from ingredients that some people are allergic to (for instance, fish, shellfish, and eggs).

If you are allergic to any of these ingredients, then you should avoid supplements that list these to avoid the possibility of experiencing an allergic reaction.

The final say

  • Collagen is something our bodies all produce: it is found in our skin and our joints.
  • Our collagen levels begin to decrease in our twenties, and we might see and feel signs of ageing. 
  • You can take it orally, or you can apply it topically. The choice is yours…




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