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    Bootea came along over half a decade ago to shake up the world of detox tea and slimming tea, by concocting a tasty product full of all-natural ingredients from around the world, hailed for their cleansing and weight-loss properties.

    Since then, the company has expanded to offer detox coffee; shakes and protein offerings as a way of helping people leading busy modern lifestyles keep on track with their efforts to shed the pounds.

    Weight loss motivation made delicious

    With the myriad of slimming teas on the market, what makes Bootea diet tea different?

    The most important thing is that it tastes great, and the reviews on sites like Trustpilot agree.

    With herbal and fruity options to choose from, as well as a coffee version, you won’t find it a chore to add into your current routine.

    And as we know all too well, anything that we actually enjoy is more likely to help us with weight loss motivation.

    The historic problem with weight loss tea

    Bootea is also different because it does not contain any laxatives.

    One of the problematic things about weight loss tea and detox teas has been that laxatives like senna are often added.

    Although senna is naturally derived, the herb can cause problems like diarrhoea or worse for people who are on other medications, as it can throw your electrolyte balance out of whack.

    Bootea is laxative free

    Bootea, meanwhile, prides itself as being strictly laxative-free: while each of Bootea’s products are different to cater for individual palates and tastes, none contain senna or other laxatives.

    ‘Teatox’, the Bootea style tea cleanse

    The Bootea Teatox sets come pre-loaded with daytime and nighttime teabags to help kick start weight loss and provide further weight loss motivation.

    Daytime tea cleanse

    Each type of teabag is packed with natural ingredients. The daytime teabag contains Chinese oolong tea, yerba mate, ginger, lemongrass, fennel seeds, dandelion leaf, Siberian ginseng, nettle leaf, and gotu kola, ingredients that have been used traditionally to aid digestion, bloating and to provide energy.

    Simply drink a cup of the daytime tea when you wake up and the idea is that, when combined with a healthy lifestyle, it will aid weight loss. 

    Nighttime tea cleanse

    When you’re ready to wind down, the nighttime bags are packed with peppermint leaf, psyllium seeds, fenugreek seeds, liquorice root, burdock root, hawthorn leaf along with dessicated coconut.

    The nighttime bags are designed to relax and cleanse overnight and only need to be taken every other day for the period you’re detoxing.

    The Bootea Teatox packs come in a 14-day or 28-day supply, which makes it super convenient if you just want to try it out for the first time or if you want to use the teas as part of your lifestyle long-term.

    And Bootea has you covered if you’re someone who’s more into fruit teas than herbal ones with the Fruity Teatox , which replaces the Chinese oolong tea with warming hibiscus, apple pieces, and rosehip in the daytime, and substitutes out peppermint for rooibos in the evening brew.

    Not your cup of tea? There’s Coffeetox, too

    Bootea’s slimming support options don’t stop at the Teatox. If tea isn’t your thing, why not try Bootea’s Coffeetox ?

    Designed to replace your morning cup of Joe with an altogether more nutritious drink, Coffeetox boasts a blend of Brazilian ground coffee mixed with fennel, yerba mate, dandelion root, garcinia cambogia, guarana, Japanese matcha green tea, and Siberian ginseng.

    And it all comes in a handy bag, so there’s no need to buy machines, filters or presses; it’s super-easy to drink on the go.

    Green tea weight loss and matcha powder

    While the benefits of tea have been lauded for centuries, modern science is only just catching up.

    One of the types of tea that has been studied scientifically is green tea, which some studies have shown to significantly aid weight reduction when compared to a placebo.

    This is where Bootea’s ceremonial-grade matcha green tea powder comes in.

    The fabulous thing about a tea powder, compared to teabags, is that you can either make it into a tea by mixing it with hot water or you can use it as an additive in everything from cookies to yoghurt if hot drinks really aren’t your thing.

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