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    There are not many of us that do not have to contend with some sort of skin concern at some point in our lives, from psoriasis to eczema, pesky spots and sensitivity. Almost all of us have a niggling itch, red patch or sensitivity to deal with somewhere on our bodies.

    The team at Moogoo know only too well the pain of sensitive skin. Which is why they have crafted a range of soothing, gentle products aimed at easing the discomfort of a wide range of skin complaints and irritations.


    Moogoo Udder Cream: the cream that started it all

    Born when founder Craig Jones discovered that his mum used a cream intended for cow’s udders to ease her own case of psoriasis, Moogoo now offers a whole herd of products based around natural, quality ingredients. 

    Moo goo products, including the Skin Milk Udder Cream (a lighter, less industrial version of Craig’s mum’s cow’s stuff) are far too good for the cow shed now. 

    However, Moogoo cream, along with the rest of this natural bodycare range, is perfect for anybody who knows the discomfort of irritated skin but wants to take a more natural approach to soothing their complaints.


    A natural philosophy

    As a brand Moogoo’s goal is simple - to make things that work. 

    In doing this, they choose high quality, nature-led ingredients, non-irritating, safe for everyone and in effective amounts with no pointless fillers added in. 

    Made in Australia, Moogoo products, from Moogoo body wash to Moogoo moisturiser and everything in between, are ethically produced and cruelty-free.

    Additionally, Moogoo refuses to list what they are free from, choosing instead to focus on what is really in those tubs and bottles, every last ingredient. 

    That is because they firmly believe that saying what you do not contain is little more than a marketing ploy to draw attention away from the less desirable ingredients that still find their way into so many mainstream bottles. 

    Moogoo therefore shouts loud about ingredients that they do believe in and that they know can work.


    Moogoo for all the family

    It is rare to come across a product that everyone in the family can use, and even rarer to find a whole range.

    Moogoo products contain ingredients that are safe for everybody, right from the newest member of your family. That is why many mums choosing Moogoo Sensitive Skin Balm to ease new born nappy rash, as well as using it on their own sore, postpartum skin.

    Made with sweet almond and olive oil, the lightweight Moogoo skin balm is full of soothing goodies, including aloe vera, chosen for their skin-friendly status. 

    With even the preservatives made using natural products, Moogoo balm is good enough to eat (although best not to).

    In fact, so natural are Moogoo products, they are even suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


    Although ethically produced, some Moogoo products contain animal products, including milk proteins. 


    These proteins come from the milk of healthy cows raised and bred sustainably on an ethically run farm in the New Zealand countryside.

    All natural does not always mean allergen-free. Unfortunately, there can be no way of making any product 100% safe for everyone, even when using the very best of ingredients. 


    We always recommend reading ingredients lists carefully and patch testing before use, especially if you are prone to skin reactions.

    Moogoo products are made using natural ingredients, which means from time to time you may notice that textures, fragrances or colours are ever so slightly different. 


    With no bleaches used, products like Moogoo Full Cream Moisturiser can appear slightly creamy in colour or even change over time to a pale pink or beige. This is totally normal.

    They may not mention it much, but this brand is incredibly environmentally friendly.


    Moogoo products are made in Queensland’s first carbon neutral factory, using solar power and recycled water, while the Moogoo head office is also solo powered.


    All packaging, including the packing boxes that bring Moogoo to Holland & Barrett stores, is recycled and recyclable, while the ingredients used in Moogoo are chosen in part for their low environmental impact, breaking down into their constituent components easily.

    Moogoo tests and trials all products, however they choose not to use the term ‘dermatologically tested’ because there is no formal industry definition or regulation attached to it.


    Instead Moogoo is tested out by real people with genuinely sensitive skin. 


    Wherever testers do not see results or do not like the product, it is back to the drawing board, for a fresh start or a new formulation.

    Moogoo chooses to focus on natural, edible ingredients rather than organic certification. This is because, unlike food, some natural skincare ingredients require an amount of refining to get the best out of them. 


    During this process impurities and all that unnatural stuff, like pesticides, are filtered out so they never find their way to your skin.

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