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    The beauty of make-up lies in its versatility, allowing you to match your look to however you feel on the day. Whether you wake up in the morning and stick to the natural look with a swipe of mascara, or really go for it and apply a full face - it’ll help you feel your beautiful best.

    Here at Holland & Barrett, we like to offer make-up that makes you look good and feel good – with natural, cruelty-free products and ingredients given top priority.

    If you think about it, some days our face spends more time with make-up on than not on, so it’s worth thinking about what you’re using. That’s why Holland & Barrett love cruelty-free make-up that’s formulated with natural ingredients that look after you and the planet too.

    Fresh faced and ready for the day

    It’s important to look after your skin. A clean and well moisturised face provides the perfect base for foundations, bronzers, highlighters and other make-up products.

    For flawless skin, apply moisturiser and let it absorb for five minutes before you apply any makeup products. Then apply primer if you’re planning to have your make-up on for a long time, e.g. if you’re going to be partying all night. Next, choose a moisturising BB cream or CC cream for light, everyday coverage, or opt for liquid, cream or powder foundation for fuller coverage. Ensure either your moisturiser, BB/CC cream or foundation has SPF included, for that extra protection.

    Finish up with a little concealer under the eyes or any area you want to cover (think pesky pimples), a swipe of blush or bronzer to enhance cheekbones, and maybe a little highlighter on top of your cheekbones, along the bridge of the nose and in the middle of the forehead.

    The best brushes for make-up

    A good set of make-up brushes can do wonders for your make-up application. From contouring and highlighting, to blending and buffing, a high-quality make-up brush set is essential.

    The brushes we sell here at Holland & Barrett are made with synthetic fibres. They are more hygienic than real hair, which can collect bacteria and dirt inside their irregular surfaces. They’re also cruelty free.

    Vegan make-up for the masses

    At Holland & Barrett, we understand that it can sometimes be hard to find high-quality make-up brands that are vegan and cruelty-free. That’s why we offer vegan-friendly and cruelty-free make-up that makes you look good.

    The range includes vegan foundation, vegan eyeliner, vegan mascara, and much more.

    Show your lips some love

    You know how it is when you apply bad lipstick, you put some on then a few hours later you look in the mirror to find your lips have dried out and look awful. That’s why you need a lipstick that moisturises your lips while you wear it.

    Holland & Barrett offer lip products that look after your lips while you wear them. The range includes lipstick, lip crayons, lip glosses, lip oils and even Manuka honey lip balms.

    Pretty eyes for everyone

    Natural make-up for the eyes can really open them up and make the most of your eye colour:

    • Brown eyes love cool blue, green, plum and nude eyeshadows

    • Green eyes love purple, pink and rose gold eyeshadows

    • Blue eyes love orange, gold, bronze and peach eyeshadows

    Holland & Barrett sell a variety of eyeshadow palettes, eye liners, mascara, under eye brighteners, and gentle make-up remover for eyes.

    Natural nail varnish

    Nail polish is a fun way to express yourself and the right nail colour can add a finishing touch to any outfit. But so many brands of nail varnish pack their products with chemicals like parabens, toluene and phthalates (dibutyl phthalate, camphor, xylene, formaldehyde, resin), which can be harsh on our nailbeds.

    Here at Holland & Barrett, we offer 100% vegan and cruelty-free nail varnish that are ‘7 Free’, meaning they don’t contain any of the ingredients above. Good for your nails and good the planet.

    We also sell nail strength treatments and nail brushes.

    Stay smelling good

    Now you’re looking good, you should be smelling good too! Embrace dreamy natural fragrances with one of the roll-on perfumes we stock in lilac, vanilla, ruby guava, blood orange and fig.


    Most of us put an awful lot of thought into what we put into our bodies but perhaps a little less into what goes onto our skin.


    Many products made by big high street makeup brands contain ingredients that we would have serious questions about if they appeared on our plate.


    By contrast, Holland and Barrett offers a wide range of natural cosmetics which are both kind to your skin and kind to nature.


    So you can put your best face forward, without having to wave goodbye to your green ideals.

    Not all that long ago natural and organic makeup might have meant limited colour palettes and short lived formulations.


    But times they are a-changing, and now natural foundations last longer, organic mascara lifts and lengthens and natural eye makeup does not have to mean natural eye makeup.


    If you are a fan of a bold red lip, a smudgy eye or a flawless contoured finish, there is no longer any need to rely on ingredient-heavy cosmetics brands.


    New formulations have made it easier than ever to get the look you love, without the need for harsh ingredients.

    Choosing makeup and skincare that is certified organic means that ingredients are naturally produced, with no GM and no pesticides or fertilisers.


    Many of these products are entirely natural, made from sustainable natural ingredients, such as bees wax, shea butter and lavender.


    When you know what is in your organic foundation or natural eyeliner, you can be confident that you are doing the best for your skin, while also supporting ethical producers.


    Many organic brands are committed to plastic-free, zero-waste packaging too.

    Natural, organic cosmetics tend to go hand in hand with cruelty-free.


    However, always check packaging for the Cruelty Free International logo to be absolutely sure.

    Natural makeup tends to be less harsh on your skin than traditional cosmetics.


    That is just one reason why people with sensitivities tend to pick brands such as Burt’s Bees or PHB.


    While little will improve spot prone skin like leaving it bare to breathe, mineral cosmetics are a great alternative because they adhere to the skin’s natural oils and do not sink into pores.


    This means that mineral cosmetics are less likely to encourage blackheads and pimples but can still provide good coverage where it is most needed.


    However, it is always advised to patch test before using new cosmetics and skincare products, especially if you have sensitive skin which is prone to irritation.

    If everyday makeup leaves you with red, watery peepers, chances are you have probably been giving mascara a wide berth for years.


    Choosing natural products could change all that.


    Natural mascara, eyeliner and shadow can be a blessing for those of us with eyes that tend to overreact to harsh ingredients, providing a soothing alternative to products packed with harsh ingredients. As always be sure to patch test new products on your skin to avoid sensitivity.

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