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    Most of us have experimented with make-up at some point in our lives, and some of us choose to wear it more often than others.

    The real beauty of make-up is that you can choose a look that suits your style, whether it is a natural look or a complete vamp, the key is finding what works for you.

    Whatever you prefer, the hardest part is selecting the right products. This is not only about picking the right colours and tones for you, but also the ones that are best for your skin.

    'More and more people are opting for products that not only look great but have a whole host of other benefits too. These products are often vegan and organic, making sure the products steer away from the more common synthetic ingredients that we are used to seeing.

    What does makeup do to your skin?

    When we wear make-up we cover our skin, and if not removed properly, it can block pores.

    This leads to breakouts and spots, which goes on to make us feel the need to wear even more of it to hide them!

    You can find out more in our article asking: ‘What does makeup do to your pores?’.

    It's for these reasons that an increasing number of people are now turning to alternative cosmetics that they find better for their skin.

    Reading the list of ingredients on makeup and skincare products could reveal a range of vitamins, aloe vera and oils such as coconut, sunflower and argan which all help to nourish and moisturise the skin.

    What natural make-up products should I choose?

    The basis of any natural make-up look should be a good foundation. This helps to even out your skin tone as well as hiding any blemishes.

    Natural foundations come in cream and powder formulations so there is something to suit every skin tone and age.

    A natural blusher or bronzer is also a great addition to any make-up bag as it can add a beautiful glow to your face. The Lily Lolo Pressed Blush has a silky, creamy texture that is vegan friendly and highly pigmented.

    Natural eyeshadows offer a stunning range of colours that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you want a simple, every day look, or something more glamourous, natural beauty brands still deliver.

    Lily Lolo have some stunning pressed eye shadows, like this one in the Silver Lining shade is perfect to take you from a daytime look through to the evening. It is easily blendable, making it perfect for the budding make-up artist, and offers great long-lasting wear.

    There are even natural mascara’s now available, including the PHB Ethical Beauty All in One Natural Mascara. This takes into account that eyes can be sensitive too and has been developed with that in mind. It has a gentle, water-resistant formula that has been hand made with botanical oils to lengthen, thicken and volumise lashes all day long.

    Do not fall into the trap of thinking that just because make-up is natural that it is going to be ordinary!

    This Eco Glitter Balm from Beauty Kitchen Raw Inventions will add some sustainable sparkle to any look. It contains no plastic, and glitter is contained within a moisturising balm to make sure it is good for your skin as well as beautiful.

    Adding natural make-up products to your range is a great way to be both ethical and healthy.

    It has a wide range of options that are available to you that will help to create flawless looks that are good for your skin, the Earth and your pocket.

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