We're banning the sale of single use beauty sheet masks

It's estimated that 1 million single use sheet masks are being thrown away every day

Holland & Barrett ban beauty sheet face masks

Holland & Barrett ban beauty sheet face masksHolland & Barrett ban beauty sheet face masks

We’re giving single-use beauty sheet masks the shoulder – here’s why you should too


We value integrity here at Holland & Barrett, and that’s why we have chosen to ban single-use sheet masks once and for all. Why? We believe the preservation of our planet is just as important as the wellness of our customers.

One way everyone can contribute to a more sustainable planet is to cut down or eliminate the single-use plastics in our life. Ditching single-use  beauty sheet masks and making the switch to more sustainable alternatives is a big step in the right direction.

We're encouraging people to use multi-use masks which use recyclable or recycled packaging and have a smaller environmental footprint than sheet masks.


A sustainability mission


This isn’t a new issue for us here at H&B. In 2019, we replaced our entire wet wipe range with exciting environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives, including muslin cloths, cotton pads and natural exfoliating mitts. We were also the first retailer to ban plastic bags and microplastics – well ahead of any government initiatives – so you can trust we are passionate about the cause.


The true cost of single use sheet masks


Now, it’s time to crack down on sheet masks. It's estimated that 1 million single use face masks are thrown away daily across the globe, and 22% of UK women have used a sheet or leave-on mask over a 12-month period - rising to 48% in 16- to 24-year-olds, and it’s predicted to get much worse. 

Analysts estimate that we will be spending £369,000,000 a year on them by 2025 if we don’t change our habits.1


Why are we banning single-use sheet masks?


If you’ve got this far, it should be pretty clear why we have decided to ban single-use sheet beauty masks: they simply do not fit our sustainable and conscious beauty ethos.

We all need to work together to help stop unnecessary waste in beauty and moving away from single use products is a great place to start. That’s why we’re on a mission to make it easier for our customers to make informed and sustainable choices when it comes to beauty products.

Joanne Cooke, Beauty Trading Director here at H&B, wants to reassure you we won’t stop at single-use sheet masks:

“In the future we’ll continuing to find further ways we can reduce waste by stopping the sale of all single-use beauty products. We  hope more retailers will join us and follow suit.”


Supporting Ocean Generation


We are also partnering with Ocean Generation and will be donating 5% from the profits of the sales of multi-use masks to the charity which campaigns for a reduction in plastic waste in our oceans.

Want to find out more? Please follow our #notanothersheetmask movement to stay in the sustainable loop and discover super new alternatives to single-use sheet masks.

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