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wellness trends report 2023wellness trends report 2023

Our report looks back at the big trends that got us talking and shopping wellness in 2022, and our team of expert nutritionists, trend forecasters and innovators predict the key trends set to shape the nation’s wellness routines in 2023 and beyond.

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More 2023 trends to look out for:

Circadian rhythm

We know to pay attention to what we eat…but what about when we eat it? Adjusting our diet to suit the natural patterns of night and day could improve everything from our energy levels to our metabolism.


Alongside pioneering apps to help us understand our daily rhythm, circadian eating is something we’ll hear about in 2023. Set your alarm!

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Ayurvedic inspiration

The 2000-year-old principles are hardly new, but we’re seeing Ayurvedic-inspired routines entering our everyday wellness.

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian belief that we fall ill when the mind, body, and spirit are out of sync.


Paired with modern scientific evidence, more of us will integrate tension/pressure-relieving natural ingredients and beauty practices shaped by Ayurveda into our lives.

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Wellness technology

Let’s face it: our smartwatches know more about our health than most of our friends do. But, as wellness technology advances, it’s all about streamlining the experience to protect us long-term.


Expect it to branch outside of phones and fitness apps, to tech like breath-testing for your metabolic function and personalised testing and intervention for those at risk of certain conditions.

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Functional “foods with benefits”

This year, there’ll be much room for fungi that boost our wellness and offer a sustainable, vegan source of protein.


And, from the tufty Lion’s Mane mushroom to nourishing and uplifting sea moss, we’re expecting more from what we eat. “Foods with benefits” aren’t only healthy, but they offer additional perks to our overall wellbeing.

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Cycle intelligence

A period tracker is standard for many – but you deserve more than just a calendar when it comes to menstrual health.

In 2023 we’ll pay attention to the way our cycle affects productivity, metabolism, confidence, and more.


Thanks to wider discussion and more prevalent wellness tech, we’ll lean into the priorities and pitfalls of each week of the month.

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“Applying 150 years of expertise to bring wellness for all”

“Holland & Barrett has long been at the forefront of emerging wellness trends, with our annual trends report providing a snapshot of what see being the next big themes and products to shape the nation’s wellness in 2023. Our team of experts are continuously scouring the globe for new, efficacious ingredients to create market-leading products across all our areas – beauty, food and supplements. New products join the development of services, diagnostics, and personalised solutions as we aim to solve our customers’ evolving health and wellness needs.

You can expect plenty of exciting new trends but as everyone tightens their belts, arguably the biggest trend will be finding great value products and advice that make a real difference. We’ll play our part by applying 150 years of expertise to continue to bring wellness for all to 2023.” - April Preston, Global Product Director

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