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    Made by grinding nuts into a spreadable paste, nut butters are great tasting spreads which can be eaten on toast or in sandwiches or even added to baking recipes for an extra fibre kick.

    Are nut butters suitable for vegans?

    Most nut butters are vegan friendly as they are made using minimal ingredients – they’re really just nuts!

    Vegans sometimes find it difficult to eat all the protein they need in their diet as a lot of protein comes from meat, fish and dairy in a carnivorous diet. As nuts are high in protein, nut butters are a great way to get your recommended daily intake of protein if you’re following a vegan diet.

    What can nut butters be used for?

    Nut butters are very versatile and can be used in lots of different recipes and meals.

    Add to energy bar recipes, baking mixes and sauces when you’re cooking. As a tasty snack, spread some of your favourite nut butter on apple slices or on rice cakes before topping with some banana slices. If you’re a traditionalist then just spread it on toast!

    What different types of nut butter are available?

    There are several varieties of nut butter available, each one made from different nuts and with slightly different flavours.

    Almond butter

    Made with 100% crushed almonds, Meridian Smooth Almond Butter has no artificial ingredients or in fact, any other ingredients. A single serving of this almond butter is packed full of protein, fibre, healthy fats.

    If you fancy something a little sweeter, why not try coconut and almond butter? It’s creamier and easier to spread than pure almond butter and it also has a dash of honey for extra flavour. Coconut almond butter is an excellent ingredient in biscuits and flapjacks.

    Meridian nut butters also include peanut butter, hazelnut butter and coconut and peanut butter.

    Peanut butter

    Probably the most popular of all the nut butters on our list, Manlife Peanut Butter  starts life as peanuts which are roasted in their skins and then crushed into a smooth texture. A sprinkling of sea salt is added and this creamy peanut butter is ready to be eaten.

    Again, natural peanut butter is an excellent source of protein and so is great for anyone who leads an active lifestyle and regular exercise. 

    Pip & Nut Peanut Butter is available in two varieties, smooth peanut butter and crunchy and which one you choose depends on which texture you prefer. Crunchy peanut butter may have a slightly higher fibre content but both varieties are very nutritional so you can’t make a bad choice.

    You could also try Meridian Deep Roast Crunchy Peanut Butter if you love peanut butter but fancy something a little bit different. The peanuts are roasted for longer, resulting in a richer, more intense flavour.

    Hazelnut butter

    Meridian Natural Hazelnut Butter Whole Nut Spread has a high fibre content and is free from gluten, wheat and dairy. It’s perfect as a spread for bread, toast or crackers and can be used in sweet and savoury sauces too.

    Cashew butter

    Meridian Smooth Cashew Butter is made from pure cashew nuts with nothing else added. Cashew nut butter is a great source of both protein and healthy fats and is delicious with porridge. Try stirring it into pasta for a quick and easy dinner.

    Nut butter overnight oats recipe

    Any of these nut butters can make a superb addition to your overnight oats. Overnight oats makes for a great fuss free breakfast as it’s prepared the night before and left to soak, ready for you to eat hot or cold in the morning.

    This overnight oats recipe is packed full of protein so it’s great for eating after your morning workout. All you’ll need to make your oats is rolled oats (of course!), milk or a dairy free alternative, chia seeds, a sweetener of your choice like agave syrup or stevia, and your favourite nut butter.

    Simply add the ingredients to a jar or bowl, mix together and then leave overnight. In the morning, heat for one minute in the microwave if you need something warming in winter or eat just as they are. These will last for two to three days in the fridge so you can even make a large batch to last you for longer.

    Our great range of nut butters come in a variety of flavours such as almond, cashew and peanut butter. Many of our delicious nut butters are suitable for vegans as well as being free from added salt and sugar. Our different nut butters come in a variety of sizes and have many different uses from baking to cooking and adding to smoothies.

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