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    Having a mid-afternoon snack is no bad thing. In fact, snacking is an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet to keep you going between meals. Unfortunately, we sometimes reach for the wrong sort of things to sustain us. Sweet, sugary snacks are often the norm for most of us looking for a mid-day boost, but this can result in a big sugar high and then a crash, which can leave you feeling more drained.

    So, step away from the sugar-loaded treats and opt for a healthier, sugar-free snack to help stabilise your blood sugar and satisfy your sweet tooth. From sugar-free sweets to sugar-free chocolate, here at Holland & Barrett, we've got your snacking needs covered.

    Is sugar bad for you?

    Sugar, in some forms, is an essential form of energy and a necessary part of our diet. However, choosing treats that are packed full of refined, processed sugars too often can be harmful.

    Instead, consuming a moderate amount of naturally occurring sugars, like those found in fruit or healthy, sugar-free snacks, is the best way to maintain a balanced diet.

    Our sugar-free snacks will deliver that all-important sweet-hit without compromising on flavour.

    The best sugar-free snacks at Holland & Barrett

    Whether you are entirely sugar-free or just trying to cut back on your sugar intake, we have some delicious sugar-free snacks to enjoy. From sugar-free cookies to chocolate and sweets, add these tasty treats to your diet today. 

    The Diablo Sugar-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies are a great snack choice. These sugar-free biscuits are the ultimate healthy alternative to a standard chocolate chip cookie with a creamy chocolate flavour. With no added sugar, these cookies are perfect for indulging in with your afternoon cup of tea or coffee. 

    To get your sweet fix, the Ricola Lemon Mint Herbal Sweets are smooth, melt-in-your-mouth sweets that are ideal for an on-the-go sweet treat. With a zingy citrus flavour that packs a punch and no added sugar, these sweets will really satisfy your cravings.

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