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    Our great range of natural liquorice comes in a variety of flavours, in snack sized bars, small pieces and larger bags.

    Perfect for you to share with your friends and family – or keep all to yourself!

    What is liquorice?

    Liquorice root comes from the liquorice plant (or glycyrrhiza glabra) which is native to Western Asia and Southern Europe.

    Liquorice root is one to the oldest herbal remedies in the world and it is also used to flavour the family favourite sweet of the same name, that we all know and love.

    A traditional sweet shop favourite, liquorice started to be used in confectionary way back in the 13th century, where it was used in cakes and other sweets.

    One of the first recorded mention of liquorice is from the Pontefract monastery in Yorkshire.

    What’s in liquorice?

    The ingredients in liquorice vary depending on the brand but it is likely to contain liquorice root extract, flour and sugar.

    Some types of liquorice contain a natural alternative to refined sugar such as molasses syrup.

    It also contains its very own natural sweetener. The glycyrrhizin compound that it contains is said to be 30-50 times sweeter than sugar.

    Liquorice gets its black colour from the extract of the liquorice root too.

    Is liquorice good for you?

    As sweets go, liquorice is relatively nutritious.

    Its health benefits come from the compounds that the liquorice root contains. There are over 300 of these compounds including glycyrrhizin, lycoricidine and liquiritin.

    Here are some of the known benefits of liquorice:

    May aid normal digestion

    It is believed that liquorice root extract may help to support and facilitate normal digestion.

    May help with joints

    Liquorice root when ingested in certain quantities may help maintain joint health.  

    What flavours of liquorice are available?

    Is the original still the best? Black liquorice such as RJs Natural Liquorice has a sweet, slightly bitter, herbal taste, which is similar to that of star anise or fennel.

    Like your sweets with a bit more crunch? Then Panda Liquorice Torpedos are perfect for you.

    Pieces of soft liquorice are contained in a crispy aniseed coating which are perfect for snacking on.

    This liquorice contains less than 0.4% fat and has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

    They are also suitable for vegetarians so they make a great alternative to chewy sweets which often contain gelatine.

    Fruit flavour liquorice

    But if you prefer a fruity taste to traditional liquorice, then that option is available too.

    Panda Liquorice Raspberry bars are made with delicious real raspberries, for a mouth-wateringly smooth taste, without any preservatives or white sugar.

    These are also split into handy bars so they are perfect for popping in your bag and taking with you on the go.

    Liquorice root

    As well as buying the sweet liquorice, you can also get liquorice root in its natural form.

    Liquorice root can be used as a flavouring agent in baking, made into tea or mixed into skincare products.

    Liquorice root also makes for a great natural alternative to chewing gum. Just chew on the stick or chop it up into handy pieces first and let it freshen up your mouth.

    Chewing on liquorice root also keeps you hydrated. In Medieval times, Alexander the Great’s soldiers were ordered to chew liquorice root to keep them healthy and hydrated, ready for battle!

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