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    Let’s talk about sex. Making love. Intercourse. Intimacy. No matter what you call it, sex is an important part of adult life.

    When it comes to sex, everyone has different experiences and expectations in the bedroom and there is no such thing as normal.

    Whether you are looking for protection, something to spice up your sex life, make sex more comfortable or even just something to help you love yourself, then we have got something here to suit you.


    Lubricants can be used on both men and women, to help provide additional lubrication in order to make sex more comfortable and enjoyable, by reducing friction and irritation.

    YES WB Water Based Natural Lubricant is a certified organic water based lubricant. It is a discreet, naturally silky gel which both moisturises and lubricates intimate areas. Water based lubes are safe to use with all condoms.

    If you prefer an oil based lubricant then why not try YES OB Plant-oil Based Natural Lubricant? It is made with organic plant oil based ingredients for a rich, velvety texture, lasting lubrication and comfort.


    If you are having sex and you do not wish to conceive then it is important that you take steps to prevent pregnancy. Condoms can be used effectively for this, as well as to help prevent the transfer of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or diseases.

    Talking about STIs may not be sexy but it is important to make sure you are properly protected so make sure you use a condom. Putting one on can even be an enjoyable part of foreplay.

    Hanx Condom Ultra Thin do not contain any chemicals, anaesthetics, spermicides or unnecessary ingredients and they are even suitable for vegans, as they do not use any animal by-products.

    They are ultra-thin for your pleasure and designed to make you both feel good. The clean scent will also keep you both feeling fresh.

    The chic, discreet packaging will fit in well in your bag, next to your bed or in your bathroom cupboard so you can always be prepared, whenever the mood takes you.


    Did you know that over 50% of women use vibrators? Some use them to bring added pleasure when they are with their partner and some use them on their own, to give themselves pleasure.

    When it comes to stimulators everyone’s different and will enjoy different things when it comes to self-love.

    Some women prefer clitoral stimulation while others enjoy internal vaginal stimulation.

    Smile Makers offer a range of vibrators for everyone including The Millionaire for first timers, The Tennis Coach especially designed for the G-spot and The Surfer for external stimulation.


    A lubricant can be used by both men and women during sex and foreplay, to provide additional lubrication for intimate areas. This can help to make sex more comfortable and more enjoyable.


    You may use a lubricant if you are suffering from vaginal dryness, or you may just wish to introduce it to the bedroom to try something new – and why not?

    A vibrator is also sometimes known as a stimulator or a massager.


    They are sex toys which can be used with a partner, or alone, and they are mainly used by women.


    Introducing a vibrator can bring extra pleasure to your sex life and they are also useful for anyone who may find it difficult to reach their intimate areas with their hands.


    Vibrators are usually battery powered and provide vibration (hence the name!) which stimulates the intimate areas, either internally or externally.

    When it comes to vibrators there is no right or wrong – everybody is different and likes different sensations.


    Some people prefer external stimulation and some people prefer internal stimulation. Smile Makers provide a wide range of vibrators with something to suit everyone.


    The Fireman is an innovative external stimulator which works on the labia and the clitoral nub, to provide intense orgasms.


    The Romantic is a powerful vibrator for G-spot stimulation. It has four speeds and three pulsation modes for an intense sensation.

    Condoms are the only type of contraception that can both prevent pregnancy and protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).


    Condoms are worn on the penis and they are a barrier method of contraception. They are designed to stop the semen from coming into contact with the other sexual partner.

    Condoms are 98% effective in preventing pregnancy and protecting against sexually transmitted infections.


    Then can also protect against STIs if used correctly during anal and oral sex.

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