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    At the end of the day, all you need to worry about is putting on your pyjamas and slipping in between the sheets.

    It is easy to think that because you are sleeping, you can forget about your beauty routine. But the truth is that night-time can be the most important time for your skin.

    We have all heard the tales of ‘getting your beauty sleep’, but this phenomenon is more real than you might imagine, which is why there are so many night creams on the market.

    This wonderful stuff works hard on our skin to help keep it looking healthy and youthful while we are apparently doing nothing at all.

    At Holland & Barrett, we stock a huge range of natural night creams that offer many extra benefits for your skin, as they avoid the irritating chemicals that can otherwise lead to sensitivities, as well as doing harm to the environment.

    What is the best night cream to use?

    Applying a night cream is the perfect opportunity to give your skin a boost.

    Creams such as the Vitaskin Vitamin C Collagen Boosting Night Cream are packed full of rejuvenating actives to nourish your skin.

    The combination of vitamin C, kiwi seed, sea buckthorn and sweet orange oils in this cream help to recharge your skin and give it a beautiful, healthy glow.

    This collagen boosting night cream is a great way to restore the important factors that our skin loses over time.

    You are never too young to start using a night cream, but if you are at a point in life where lines and wrinkles are becoming a concern, then the Natura Siberica Age-Defying Night Recovery Face Cream is a fantastic option.

    This cream uses Snow Cladonia hydrolate, organic Siberian pine oil, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to help rejuvenate the skin and reduce the appearance of ageing.

    The Dr Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Night Cream is a vegan night cream that gives skin an overnight moisture surge, thanks to the hydrating properties of coconut oil and a cocktail of organic essential oils and natural extracts.

    It helps balance the skin’s natural moisture levels to leave it feeling fresh and looking great as well as soothing and hydrating the skin.

    A night moisturiser is an important tool in keeping your skin healthy and applying it each evening gives your skin a chance to replenish anything it may have lost during the day.

    This means that when you wake up in the morning, your skin should not feel dry, tight or dull, and instead should be as ready to face the day as you are.


    We are all used to putting on our skincare at the start of the day, and some of us even remember to take off our make-up again when we are finished!


    As part of this late-night routine, you should be adding a specially formulated night cream that will work hard on your skin while you are resting.


    This is when our skin is busy regenerating , so it is important to give it a helping hand in order to enjoy radiant skin the next morning.

    Night cream is different from the stuff you put on in the morning as it is thicker, richer and does not contain the pore-clogging SPFs of day cream, as it has not been formulated to protect your skin from any outside elements.

    Night creams have been designed with intensive skin hydration and replenishment in mind and often contain a significant number of active ingredients, so it is important to use them when you will get the greatest benefit.


    Nature has long provided us with some important ingredients in keeping our skin healthy, and these are now being harnessed and used effectively in our night creams.


    There are a whole range of vitamins, minerals and acids that are naturally occurring and can make skin appear brighter, plumper and nourished.

    Natural night creams also carry a beautiful scent which comes from the many essential oils that they use and are often more appealing than the synthetic perfumes found in many other brands.

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