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Show your skin some love with lavender oil

Lavender has long been favoured for its calming effects on the senses, but did you know it can be an excellent treat for the skin and hair, too?


Browse our range of lavender oil products below and discover exactly how this fragrant flower can be used to nourish the body as well as the mind.


Lavender oil benefits

This beautifully scented flower has been used for centuries to ease numerous ailments. That’s all down to the fact lavender is proven to be anti-bacterial, soothing and absolutely packed with free-radical fighting antioxidants. Why not stock up on some lavender essential oil products which can:


Help soothe dry skin – Due to its ability to soothe sensitivity and hydrate the skin, using lavender oil for skin concerns can have great results.


Soothe acne – Lavender’s anti-bacterial benefits make it a brilliant natural treatment for skin complaints like acne. When mixed with another oil such as coconut or argan, it could help to balance the skin and clarify the skin.


Promote natural healing – Whether it’s an insect bite or a blemish you’d like to fade, lavender oil can be great at keeping the skin clean to promote healthy healing.


Get rid of dandruff – Because it can help fight unwanted bacteria, lavender oil shampoo is often used as a treatment for scalp conditions like itchiness or dandruff.


Promote hair growth – Some research suggests lavender oil for hair’s benefits include stimulation of hair growth when rubbed directly into the scalp.


Reduce the appearance of wrinkles – Because it contains lots of antioxidants, which can help rid your skin of harmful free radicals, lavender oil could help keep skin moisturised and smooth.


Get rid of lice – Rubbing anti-bacterial lavender oil and tea tree oil onto the scalps can help get rid of head lice.


How to use lavender oil

Thanks to its numerous benefits, lavender essential oil can be found in lots of natural beauty and aromatherapy products. Consider trying out the following uses of lavender oil:


  • Apply lavender oil spray to sunburnt skin to help reduce inflammation and redness.
  • Use a lavender oil shampoo to help eliminate dandruff, soothe an irritated scalp, or promote hair growth.
  • Rub lavender oil into the skin as a natural insect repellent or to bring down existing bug bites.
  • Add lavender oil to a little argan oil and apply directly to spots as an anti-bacterial treatment.
  • Mix a few drops of lavender essential oil with a coconut base oil and use it as a natural anti-wrinkle moisturiser on the face.


Remember that this fragrant oil isn’t just for the hair and skin! It’s one of the most popular aromatherapy products for sleep too, thanks to its calming scent. The unique smell of lavender can help reduce anxiety. It can slow down the nervous system to bring about feelings of drowsiness.


Why not pick up a lavender oil diffuser for your bedroom to help promote a good nights sleep? Alternatively, a few drops of lavender essential oil in the bath could help you relax while also pampering your skin.


Discover our range of lavender oil products, from skin sprays to natural hand soaps and body washes. Our lavender products can be used every day to help soften your complexion, not to mention they smell amazing!

What is lavender oil used for?

Lavender oil has long been used in perfumes, cosmetics and massage. 


Chosen for its distinctive floral fragrance and soothing capabilities, lavender essential oil offers a range of potential benefits when used alone or blended with other essential oils, such as chamomile or bergamot.


Studies show that lavender oil can have a calming effect and help improve a low mood. 


In fact, a study carried out in the UK saw participants reporting a ‘significantly greater improvement’ in anxiety feelings compared with using other essential oils.


Therefore carrying a handkerchief infused with lavender oil or perhaps even using lavender essential oil for hair can surround you with a soothing, calming aroma on days when you are likely to experience stress at home, at work or on the road.

Is lavender really one of the best essential oils for sleep?

It really is! Thanks to its apparent calming effect, backed by research, lavender is ideal for those struggling to settle into a restful night’s sleep.


While some people use a ready-made lavender spray in their bedrooms, others add just a few drops of essential oil to their washing machine drum or ironing water, when laundering their bed linens. 


A simple alternative is to drip a couple of drops of lavender oil onto the rear side of your pillow, remembering that it should not directly touch the skin. 


Alternatively, burning lavender oils before bed in a diffuser or enjoying a relaxing bath with lavender salts can do the trick.

Is lavender oil an insect repellent?

Lavender contains the compounds linalool and camphor. Both of these clever ingredients are proven bug repellents, helping to keep not just mozzies but wasps, ants and other creepie crawlies at bay.


Add a drop or two of lavender oil to your moisturiser, dab diluted drops onto your pulse points or smooth the oil into your hair next time you are on holiday, eating outdoors or walking along a canal to give it a try.

Is lavender oil suitable for massage?

Is there anything more indulgent than a lavender massage?


This highly relaxing, soothing oil is an ideal choice for a self-massage (or even better, one given by an obliging partner or friend).


Blend a lavender essential oil with the carrier oil of your choice and enjoy the sensuous benefits of massage combined with the sleep aiding, stress reducing scent of lavender. 


Using a carrier oil is a must because essential oils should never be used directly on the skin.

How can I use lavender oil for hair and skin?

People have been using lavender oil for skin for hundred of years. 


Not only does it smell fantastic but it can help to cleanse too, giving it a practical use for spot prone skin. Simply add a drop or two to your usual moisturiser, being sure to patch test first.


You can use antimicrobial lavender essential oil for hair too. 


While some of us just love the smell, others find lavender has scalp soothing benefits. Some people believe that this multipurpose oil is even effective in keeping head lice at bay – great news for parents and teachers!

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