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    Bioglan offers a wide range of advanced vitamins and specially formulated supplements to help support a healthy lifestyle as well as your wellbeing.

    With a trusted reputation for top quality vitamins and minerals and unique formulas which are based on scientific research, Bioglan should be your go-to for supplements.

    Created in Australia, Bioglan has been creating health supplements for over 40 years so it is safe to say that they know what’s what when it comes to vitamins.

    Shop from a range which includes omega-3; turmeric and collagen supplements from Bioglan at Holland & Barrett.

    Why should I take supplements?

    Even with a well-balanced diet, you may want to consider taking some supplementary vitamins.

    Due to our modern day busy lifestyles and some more restrictive diets like veganism, we sometimes don’t get all the nutrients our bodies need just from the food we eat.

    When you’re busy and constantly on the go, you may not have time to consider exactly which nutrients are in each of your meals.

    Therefore you may want to take supplements in addition to the nutrients you get through your diet to enhance your health.

    Which vitamins should I take?

    There are a wide variety of vitamin supplements on the market and so it can be difficult to know exactly where to start.

    When deciding on the right vitamins for you, you should take into account your age, lifestyle and your long term health goals.

    Supplements which promote health and wellbeing

    Bioglan offers varying supplements to meet your needs. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

    Curcumin High Strength Turmeric

    One of the most popular supplements from the range is Bioglan’s Active Curcumin High Strength Turmeric, a highly concentrated turmeric supplement which also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin D and copper. This formulation helps with your body’s inflammatory responses as well as helping to maintain healthy bones and support your immune system.

    Inulin Powder

    Inulin Powder is rich in fibre,. It’s easily dissolved in liquid and can be added to water, juices, smoothies and even cereal, meaning you can seamlessly add it into your diet.

    Omega-3 fish oil

    Omega-3 fish oil is another supplement that many people choose to take alongside their normal diet.

    There are lots of benefits to taking a fish oil supplement, especially if you don’t tend to eat a lot of oily fish in your usual diet. Taking a supplement is an easy way to add this in.

    Fish oils are rich in omega-3 which supports normal heart and brain functions as well as vision.

    Bioglan offers a number of fish oil supplements including Super Fish Oil, omega-3 capsules which are chewable capsules specially formulated for kids to take, and Red Krill Oil, sustainably and responsibly sourced from the Antarctic Ocean.

    Beauty supplements

    Bioglan also offers a number of supplements which help you to look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.

    These beauty supplements promote healthy hair, strong nails and contribute to normal collagen production to support skin elasticity.

    They are available in a wide range of formats including capsules, effervescent tablets and strawberry flavoured gummies.

    There is even a collagen powder available which can be mixed into drinks and liquids as well as foods like soups. Taking your vitamins has never been so easy!

    Are there any supplements which children can take?

    Bioglan offers products to suit the whole family including kids vitamins.

    Their Happy Tummies supplement are strawberry flavoured vitamin gummies which are a tasty way to give your children’s tummies the friendly bacteria they need and increase their live culture intake.

    They won’t even know they’re good for them! Vitamin C is also included in each gummy which contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and will support your child’s health. Other vitamins for children include SmartKids VitaGummies with iron to help reduce fatigue and tiredness, SmartKids Brain Formula with Omega 3  to support the healthy functioning of the brain (perfect for those long days at school!) and SmartKids Healthy Eyes; delicious orange flavoured gummy vitamins which support healthy vision.

    All of the kids vitamins from Bioglan have tasty flavours for a fun way to promote a healthy lifestyle to your children.

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